Брэд Питт получил новый шанс добиться опеки над детьми
Angelina was accused of careless attitude towards parenting.

Брэд Питт получил новый шанс добиться опеки над детьми

Brad Pitt


According to friends of brad pitt, the actor
very angry with angelina Jolie — the mother of their total of six biological and adopted children. The thing
that when the actress appeared on the streets of London with their children,
everyone noticed that on the face of the youngest daughter — Vivienne — was wearing a patch, obviously closing the wound. And then in a Network there was made earlier footage of the paparazzi
managed “document,” obtained the girl injury:
she smashed her forehead.

This would not be anything special — after all, in the end, all children from time to time,
get their bumps and scratches — if it was the first such case. But
over the past year, that is the time when the children were almost all
time in the care of Jolie, this is at least the third such episode. The last such incident happened in
April. Then the situation looked even more frightening — she somehow managed
to come to the fence to London’s Hyde Park embellished pointed
the “peaks”. And it also happened during a walk with Jolie.

say, brad, in this regard, the question arose: whether watching Angelina
properly for their children? And can she even trust the sole
custody of all the children, for which she is fighting in the divorce

According to lawyers pitt, this sort of “trifling” case gives brad an additional chance to try
to achieve at least joint custody. Until recently, amid
the ensuing thaw in relations
the divorcing spouses, the actor was hoping
he will be able to achieve the desired “peaceful” way. But now he is
resolutely and intends to use all possible arguments to become a guardian
children along with Jolie.

Angelina Jolie with children