The star of “the Voice” will deprive the husband of parental rights after kidnapping daughter

Звезда «Голоса» лишит мужа родительских прав после похищения дочери Svetlana Fedulova can’t believe the meanness of the former husband. The husband tried to escape with the child at the Mall, where she and Opera singer. However on the street it managed to hold.
Звезда «Голоса» лишит мужа родительских прав после похищения дочери

This family drama turned divorce diva Svetlana Fedulova with her husband Sergei Homicki. After a magnificent wedding in Prague it seemed that the feelings of the newlyweds will live forever, but in the end, a few years later, they decided to leave. Despite the efforts, they never came to an agreement regarding custody of the common daughter Sophie, who suffers from down syndrome.

She has become a real stumbling block for parents. Svetlana was afraid that her husband will take the child to Prague, and Sergei again and again complained that he was not allowed to see my successor.

As a result, a few days ago he tried to kidnap a child from a shopping centre. Svetlana was present at the incident, then admitted that her husband had pre-planned the crime and did not act alone.

“The hour they played and talked, but Sonia periodically and mother wanted, and felt some tension. Perhaps it was due to the fact that they are a month no see. Only a month and not seven as he says. He was helped in the theft of a child by three men: two I kept, one was waiting outside,” – said shocked Svetlana.
Звезда «Голоса» лишит мужа родительских прав после похищения дочери

Footage of CCTV cameras installed at the Mall, you can see how Sergey tries to escape together with the baby in her arms. It could stop only on the street, then the whole family went to the police station.

According to Svetlana, Homicki a few hours refused to let go of the child. In the end, the little heavy sleeper she went from the father to the hands of the mother, then the couple left the station.

Opera singer admitted that he hoped for a peaceful resolution of the conflict, not even imagining that the ex-lover capable of such baseness.

“I’m not going to this meeting in terms of security, protection and so on. I don’t understand how this can be done with the child, and with me and with people,” shared Fedulova.

Now the artist intends, not only in the shortest possible time to get a divorce, but also to deprive the former husband’s parental rights. According to her, Sergei was not able to take care of little Sonia, who suffers from down syndrome. Moreover, Fedulova fears that the father’s behavior could have a negative impact on the psychological state of the child.

In conversation with “REN-TV”, the woman said that before the incident, had hoped to establish normal communication with her ex-husband for the child. Now, however, this can not be considered.