Grigory Leps got into a fight at the airport

Григорий Лепс подрался в аэропорту Famous actor quickly correct situation. Leps invited the opponent to go outside, not to confuse other passengers. However, the enemy was not allowed a wife to continue the trial.
Григорий Лепс подрался в аэропорту

Grigory Leps is famous not only for his legendary songs, but also a difficult character. So, three months ago, 55-year-old actor got in trouble at the airport, however, it has become known only now. As reported by Sam Gregory V., he got into a fight with one of the passengers of the Moscow “Sheremetyevo”. However, the conflict quickly came to naught, the wife of the opponent is not allowed him to get involved in a quarrel with a famous artist.

“Normally it’s all over. He told me something said I to him. I went into the street, and his wife has forbidden”, – explained Leps.

By the way, recently the singer has become more closely monitor their health. A radical decision was taken after he was twice on the verge of life and death. For example, in recognition of the Leps, he became less likely to drink alcohol. What can be said about the time when he was young and not as popular.

“In youth when I sang in the restaurant, never sung sober. And now my memory only two performances when I was drunk,” said the artist.

Grigory Leps was sober for a few months

In the new edition of the show Basta GAZLIVE the musician admitted that now can afford a drink after work or at the weekend. Of course, the favorite place star is now his own restaurant “vodka” in the center of Moscow.

Also fans of Leps very interested in the question, at what age he lost his virginity, the answer to which, frankly, shocked many. “In 12 years. Early was. It wasn’t sex, but the ending was,” explained Gregory.

The artist also admitted that in school the time was in love with a girl, and even wrote her poems, but she didn’t pay attention to it. Now, literally during every interview, Leps with undisguised admiration confesses how he loved his wife Anna. However, in the relationship with her does not always happen smoothly. “Once sent wife. Four months living in a nearby building. I apologized, he called back,” said Gregory.

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