Звезда «Голоса» Габриэлла рискует остаться без бизнеса The woman told how she tries to get out of the crisis. The artist is selling clothes for fitness, and in recent years the demand for its products fell sharply. Gabriella does not exclude that she will have to say goodbye to the project and do something else.

      The last few months was difficult for many representatives of Russian show-business. Almost everyone is trying to open a business, to be independent from the profession and have a stable income. Thus, the Brazilian singer was brought to the capital a line of fitness clothing from his native city Rio de Janeiro, so that athletes could look attractive. But faced with the distrust of buyers, the crisis and other problems, she had to think about the closure of the project, which was invested in money and effort.

      “The demand is much reduced, and for several months we do not sell the predicted optimal volume. Customers ask for discounts and too long to make the decision to purchase” – sadly says the singer.

      The sultry brunette had planned the opening of the store and the whole network, but so far this has to wait. Despite serious difficulties, Gabriela is sure that you will find the way out. However, not exclude that with this project she will have to say goodbye and to think about creating a new one.

      “In the future, thinking of opening a dance school”, says Gabriella. The artist is going to teach dancing, Brazilian culture, to organize workshops in different networks of fitness centers. However, before you implement the plan it is necessary to deal with the existing problems in the business.

      32-year-old singer has repeatedly stated that with her perfect figure owes fitness. It is thanks to this hobby at the time, she had the idea of creating your own clothing line for sports.

      “I noticed that in Russia women’s clothes for fitness is very different from the Brazilian – at us it is bright and sexy – explained Gabriella. – The idea to open a clothing line came to me during a Brazilian party. I understand that a woman needs to be beautiful and attractive everywhere: at the party, the house and, of course, in the gym.”