The case of the attack on Mirzaev took a new turn

Дело о нападении на Мирзаева приняло новый оборот The investigative Committee has identified the suspect in the brutal beating of an athlete. In the hospital, which is a fighter, was produced by the procedure of identification, the results of which the man was named one of the criminals. They found Kamil Allahverdiyev.

      Rasul Mirzaev out several photographs of a young man who, apparently, involved in a brutal assault on the participant must be over that occurred at his apartment on the night of 30 to 31 December. Investigators GSU SK across Moscow identified the suspect on the facts, which said Mirzayev. Right in the hospital room where Rasul was conducting the procedure of identification, after which it was announced the name of one of the attackers. They found Kamil Allahverdiyev. No information about the other participants in the crime yet. Netizens are actively discussing an attack on Rasul Mirzaev

      “Conducted a series of investigations, which have established the identity of one of the attackers on Mirzaev,” – said the official representative of the GSM TFR in Moscow Julia Ivanova.

      It should be noted that on the eve of the hospital to Rasul Mirzaev came the parents of the young man who appeared in the case. As it became known, they tried to negotiate with the athlete, however, he refused to give in to them. Probably the wrestler wants the guilty punished on all severity of the law, because the attackers almost took his life.

      Each of the injured athlete, Aniuar Chechens said that the condition of the men worsened. I must say that this man Mirzayev called immediately after a perfect attack on him. Chechens told journalists that as soon as I heard about the incident, immediately went to the scene. When he was in the apartment of Rasul, there was already a worked doctors. Almost immediately Mirzaev was taken to the hospital. Aniwar, trying to be constantly aware of the status of the health of the other. While the experts ‘ forecasts are disappointing sound.

      “They say that at the moment his condition has somewhat deteriorated. Bruises and bullet wounds from a traumatic gun on the face and body serious. The picture is not of the best,” shared the Chechens.

      Aniwar, is Vice President of the Kabardino-Balkarian professional League of mixed martial arts “Gladiator”, so he knows a lot about life Mirzaev. He also has suspicions that the attack was completely with the purpose of revenge for the past athlete.

      Recall that in 2011 Rasoul Mirzayev got into a fight with Ivan Agafonov near necoho club in the center of Moscow. During the conflict, the student fell and hit her head hard on the asphalt. The result of the injury he fell into a coma and a few days later died. Mirzaev was put in a detention center. He was found guilty in the incident and was sentenced to two years in prison, but because he was under investigation for exactly this term, he was released in the courtroom.