У меня теперь есть единственная в мире открытка The best gift for me were the Christmas cards that you took in the mail on December 31. Them on the same day there stamped, and then they scattered around our great country and came to me.

    У меня теперь есть единственная в мире открытка

    I’m happy to put them in his already become a large collection. Some were also stamped for Christmas and Christmas themes, all beauty! I collect such stamps for 20 years.

    But greetings from the city of Kushva Sverdlovsk region with a population of 29 000 people that was sent to me zakharovy, zykovy, Serikova, Manganini, Nikishina, Merkuryeva, Sidorova, Shmakov, Pugacheva Galkin, Sedakova, Kozak, Zeleniny, Vlasov, Burceva, Nazarov, Zablocie, Taushkanova, Shadowy, Pugovkina (they are family friends and live on the same street Serova), in any album, will not fit. “Send a Fiery Rooster with our warm applause to warm You on cold winter days. Feathers are so complicated – it circled our hands.” This colorful panel I covered at home coffee table. Look at it sometimes and rejoice: “Unique card! No one person on the planet does not exist!”