Andrei Mironov was sure Peltzer survive it

Андрей Миронов был уверен, что Пельтцер его переживет
The actor felt his premature departure.

Tatyana pelttser with Andrei Mironov in the movie “Three men in a boat not counting the dog”. 1979

Photo: still from the film

Viewers are accustomed to seeing Tatiana pelttser in the roles of old women, but contemporaries, those who knew the actress closely, saying that Tatiana was a very energetic woman, and was always ready novels, life was easy, graceful, very witty and
attractive. Friends from all over Moscow and, despite the explosive nature of these
enemies never had. When in the early 70s Zakharov Shirvindt has put her in “Satire”
the play “Awake and sing!”, the whole theater community were surprised. Already
fifteen years have passed since then, as rocked about the movies Ivan Brovkin, and
Peltzer is not something that is not old, but strikingly younger! “Is it really her?”, – asked the audience to each other. Tatiana was clearly enjoying the effect produced, leaping the stairs
theatre and developed sometimes such a speed that colleagues barely had time for her.

“In all theatrical
parties and she tirelessly danced waltzes, tango and foxtrots, recalls in his diaries, film critic and TV presenter Gleb Skorokhodov. In fact,
in front of me was a young woman, whose energy was not less than mine.
“Godson” to her, Andrei Mironov, who she nursed as a baby, seeing as Peltzer jumps
the scene, sadly saying: “I’m Sure she will outlive me!” And so it happened.
Peltzer, in turn, poked a finger in the stomach Mironov: “Well, Andrew,
grown fat, zabureli, belly disbanded… Look, soon you’ll be transferred to age
role, you know!” Meanwhile, Andrew dieted since the age of 23, but Tatyana
I. without any tweaks did not grew fat. Every morning she made a special
the charge that learned in his youth. It is, as yogi, drove with them on
tour your own yoga Mat and a few fixtures like

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