Звезда «Голос.Дети» встретилась с отцом после долгой разлуки 13-year-old Alicia James met with the Pope eight years later. The man left a son and a daughter, and he returned home. He does not consider himself guilty, as it believes that to educate children enough phone calls.
Звезда «Голос.Дети» встретилась с отцом после долгой разлуки

In February of this year, 13-year-old Alicia James took the stage of the popular project “Voice. Children.” The girl impressed the jury members and made the team Nyusha. But most of the audience was touched by the story of a young singer. As it turned out, Alicia’s mom is Russian and dad is from Nigeria. Eight years ago a man left his family: his beloved Tatiana and two children. According to Alicia, my mother never spoke ill of my father. Occasionally a man calls to speak with the heirs, but not financial help.

The program “Let them talk”, headed by Andrey Malakhov has decided to help the participant of the show “the Voice.Children” – Subbi James came to Moscow to see the kids. He entered the Studio and hugged his daughter.

“You know I always loved you,” said the man.
Звезда «Голос.Дети» встретилась с отцом после долгой разлуки

Subby believes that he left his family and children because a man regularly calling the heirs. Moreover, resident admitted that he is not married another, as he loves Tatiana and waiting for relatives in Nigeria.

James remembered that the reason for parting with Tatiana was her jealousy. He said that the woman suspected him of infidelity. Mom Alicia admitted that the chosen one raised her hand. She reported that the man lived with them, and only occasionally came to visit them.

Звезда «Голос.Дети» встретилась с отцом после долгой разлуки

The Studio came Tatiana, which brought things Subby sweater, a Bible, and a note. Experts in the Studio drew attention to the fact that the woman refused the arms of a former lover. They felt that she had no warm feelings for the father of her children.

Tatyana has told that met Subbi in a nightclub. She was vacationing with a friend. The man invited her to dance, and at the end of the evening handed a napkin on which was written a phone number. A month later she again met James and thought it was a sign of destiny. According to the woman, the lover never invited her to move with the children to Nigeria, despite the fact that the father of Alicia and Michael says that he is from a rich family.

Moreover, the Studio has another son, Subbi – Egor Kobylin. He is now 14 years old. The boy was raised by his grandmother because his mother passed away.