Таинственный поклонник заваливает Викторию Романец подарками The former participant “Houses-2” has recently been the bride of Anton Gusev, and now accepts the advances from other men. On his page in Instagram Victoria posted a photo with a gorgeous bouquet. The girl admitted that red roses were presented to her, but to call the name of the admirer is not.
Таинственный поклонник заваливает Викторию Романец подарками

After a painful breakup with Anton Gusev Victoria romanet focused on career. In her Instagram you can see the footage from photo shoots and advertising posts. However, the girl, apparently, is enough time for a personal life. Recently, the former participant “Houses-2” has shown a huge bouquet from an unknown admirer, but refused to give his name.

“This is not a photo shoot with a bouquet that I bought or ordered in the lease. Women who write this nonsense , clearly came to the casting “Comedy”, but did not take them, and they came to joke to my profile. I have one question for you, what colors you ever gave?” – signed frame girl.
Таинственный поклонник заваливает Викторию Романец подарками

Fans of Victoria was divided into two camps: some came to the conclusion that their idol has a new lover, while others suggested that a beautiful bouquet the girl gave Anton Gusev. Despite the scandalous break up, fans of the star couple still hope that the bride and groom reconciled, and the wedding will take place.

Earlier romanet showed the video, which also captured a huge bouquet of red roses. In the comments to the post the girl thanked an unknown sender.

We will remind, romanet and Gusev were to be married July 7. However, two weeks before the celebration, the couple announced their separation. The girl accused a lover of avarice, and financial insolvency, and Anton argued if Victoria felt for him sincere feelings and started the wedding for PR.

Anyway, a few days later Gusev apologized to his sweetheart and admitted that he hopes for a reconciliation. However, Victoria is clearly in no hurry to resurrect old feelings. The girl claims that he is afraid to get back together with Anton, fearing the same fate as his first wife Evgenia Feofilaktova. According to Romanets, in previous relationships, her frustrated suitor wasn’t shy about cheating and battering, and she herself is not satisfied.

Victoria romanet was not ready to forgive Anton Gusev

However, fans of Victoria are sure that the girl has other reasons to delay the reconciliation. According to them, romanet already found a worthy replacement for Anton.