The star of “the Sweet life” extremely thin

Звезда «Сладкой жизни» экстремально похудела
Maria Shumakova was transformed after a week of fasting.

Maria Shumakova

Photo: @shumakova_masha Instagram

Maria Shumakova decided on a bold experiment: in order to lose weight star of the TV series “Sweet life” for a whole week starving. But not just so, and wisely. The actress underwent a course of purification of the Altai in the specialized clinic. Through practicing yoga, treatments and special herbal teas, Mary managed to lose a whopping 7 pounds in a week. Shumakova was pleased with both the result and the process.

“Answer the most popular question: how much have I lost? 7. I came from a nice plus, right after Roman holiday, so I’m happy with the result. And, again, pounds is just a nice bonus — the main cleansing. Many have asked about contraindications. Not so much: pregnancy, cancer ( when in remission), heart, kidney, liver failure, liver cirrhosis, diabetes of the first group. All the rest to starve!” — said Shumakov, but said that this should be done only under the supervision of experts.

Especially for those fans who protested extreme weight loss Maria (like, why the already slender actress to starve?), Shumakov told about how she had the extra weight with which she fought. As it turned out, and gain weight Mary had to work. She was offered a part in a project where it was necessary to demonstrate a more curvy shape.

“At the end of February I received two interesting proposals: shooting in advertising which by and large depended on my financial situation over the next few months and sample from a very famous Director. On both projects I wanted to see a more curvaceous form. And I started “eat,” recalls Maria. — Healthy food but in unlimited quantities. Literally in 4 days I gained 3 pounds, I tend to heal fast. Movie role I got. In is starred, but my added inches only interfere and in some shots, the costumers were literally glued the dress on the duct tape. This is a story about the fact that I only listen to themselves and be in good condition, correct for his soul. All , as they say, love can not be!”