Marina Neyolova has prepared for his own funeral

Марина Неелова подготовилась к собственным похоронам
The actress spoke about how he got to the morgue.

Marina Neyolova and Ivan Urgant

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Evening Urgant”

Marina Neyolova long starred in a great movie. 70-year-old actress all this time waiting for the right role. She wanted to star in a Comedy and last year her wish came true. The actress was offered a role in a tragicomedy “Carp crazies” directed by Vladimir Kott. On the eve Neelova appeared in the Studio of the “Evening Urgant” and talked about the filming of the movie.

The plot develops around the pensioner, played by Marina Mstislavovna who finds out about a fatal diagnosis. Not wanting to disturb her son, she began independently preparing for her funeral. Neelova laugh that was somewhat shocked by shooting with a pink coffin. An even greater effect on her made day of shooting… in the morgue.

“I was terrified. Especially when I’m in the morgue was closed for the sheets with his head. I asked: “Give at least something to say!” Because if I closed my head and I still need to be silent, I really think that everything has gone. I even had pen grignola, just in case. It should be noted that a great Puskepalis looked after me, helped put! — shares memories Neyolova. — Close to other people was lying. I think that this was real gone. It’s a Comedy, after all!”

The decision of neelovo to do this movie affected approved cast. When Marina Mstislavovna learned that her colleagues will be Alisa Freundlich, Yevgeny Mironov and Sergei Puskepalis, agreed without hesitation. In wide release “the Carp frostbitten” will be released on 14 December, and the premiere took place on June 26 in the framework of the competition program of the Moscow international film festival. By the way, this film brought neelovo recently the award for best actress at the 25th Russian film Festival held in France.