Звезда шоу «Голос» Оксана Казакова спасает мать Contestant on “the Voice” got into a difficult situation. Her beloved mother was diagnosed with a serious liver disease. The actress has opened a fundraiser for the operation of the relative. According to Oksana, they need four million rubles.

      Contestant on “the Voice” Oksana Kazakova admitted the social network that her family was in a difficult situation. The singer has told friends and fans that the mother is struggling with a serious illness. To condition a relative has improved, women will have to undergo surgery. The singer asks caring people to provide financial support, as such procedure is not cheap.

      “The year she was examined at various clinics, and only now found out that the worst is coming and, most likely, will need to do a liver transplant. And yet, about 4 million rubles how quickly you can collect, who do you think faced with this?” asked Council Oksana.

      “StarHit” contacted a member of the show “the Voice” to find out why her mom so quickly worsened health, because recently everything was fine. According to the artist, the problems began many years ago.

      “During the birth of her third child, my younger sister, she lost a lot of blood. It was necessary to do a blood transfusion, the doctors brought her infection transfusion, Hepatitis C, and she didn’t know about this, but in 20-30 years, as you know, hepatitis develops into the next stage of liver fibrosis. In General, a year ago she needed an operation on his leg, as she had a deformity of the foot, and the hemoglobin was so low I had 2 times in a row to postpone the surgery until raise. The procedure was carried out successfully, but later began to understand why hemoglobin is so greatly reduced and treated in various clinics, to seek the cause” – said Oksana “StarHit”.

      According to Kazakova, in this situation, she can only rely on themselves and the help of those people who responds to her request. To save the mother, Oksana is ready to work round the clock. Among friends and fans Kazakova there were people who explained to the artist how to organize a fundraiser.

      “Oksanochka, hold on! Everything will be fine! You have to believe and pray!”, “Forces you and mother!” “In such a situation it is better to apply to the Fund. Help comes faster, organize taxes,” wrote the followers of the artist.

      Oksana is very close to his parents. The singer has never hidden that he was proud of their strong marriage, because not long ago they celebrated 35 years of marriage.

      “Mom and dad a lot for me, and now it’s my turn to please them. I help them and try to cherish our warm relationship. Order via the Internet equipment, gifts, repairs, leisure, health, sport. Wildly miss them and dream to move from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Until that happens, talk on the phone every day,” admitted Kazakov “StarHit”.

      Currently Oksana and her disabled mother are waiting for the directions to the hospital. Physicians offer or a transplant, or special therapy.

      “A year looking for the cause, examined all the bodies and could not see the main problem, recently diagnosed with cirrhosis in the last stage that can develop into cancer of the liver. Said there are only two options: urgent liver transplantation, i.e. transplantation, or to try to stop the process and end of life support treatment of the body” – said Kazakov “StarHit”.

      If you want to help mothers participating in the “Voices”, you can either transfer the money to Moscow the card of “Sberbank” Oksana Kazakova No. 4276 8383 4765 9403 or at the Saint-Petersburg map her mom, Tamara Yegorovna Kazakova, No. 6390 0255 9022 1253 95.