Andrey Chuev has spoken out about the scandal on the project “Dom-2. Wedding in a million”

Андрей Чуев высказался о скандале на проекте «Дом-2. Свадьба на миллион» The participant admitted defeat. Chuev tried to explain to subscribers as the vote took place on the project. According to men, the majority of viewers incorrectly perceived information about combining weddings.

      Very soon, the TNT channel will sum up the competition “Wedding in a million”, which was held in the Seychelles in the framework of the reality show “Dom-2”. In the last two weeks competing couples used any means to collect the greatest number of votes.

      As we learned earlier, participants of the project decided to unite against Sasha Artemov and Cousin Eugene, who are considered crowd pleasers. Andrey Chuev called upon to vote for Sasha Goias and Kostya Ivanov. The man explained to his followers that in case of victory, the guys promised to share the votes. Besides, the pair had planned to play two weddings in one day. Sasha Artemova about the plot for “the House-2”: “Andrey Chuev does not allow us to win”

      However, loyal fans of the reality show decided that such an act is not a matter of respect, so he continued to vote Artemov and Cousin. Chuev and Afrikantov replaced joint photograph in application TNT-club on a shot from the new TV series “Adaptation”. In the microblog Andrew expressed dissatisfaction with the preliminary results of the competition.

      “We are lost! Full responsibility for the defeat assume and please do not accuse neither the TNT nor the application of TNT-Club, all the wines that we with Marina not sufficiently convincing in their feelings for one and a half years. Information about combining weddings too crude for the understanding of the majority, and saying “Own shirt closer to the body” remains relevant”, – explained the reality show participant.

      Subscribers Chueva contradictory reacted to this information. Some felt that the audience still remember unflattering situation with Andrey, and others supported the young people and wished not to lose heart.

      “You and Marina make a great couple, don’t worry!”, “Andrew, love you Cousin no less. You’re cool, funny. Always fun to watch, creative and funny, you complement each other, super”, “You are a very good Marina. More of your prikolchiki, love to you and children,” wrote a follower.

      Earlier, Sasha Artemova explained that Andrew behaves out of a sense of envy. She believes that he deliberately launched a campaign against their pair.

      “I think it’s just been the desire of Andrey Chueva not to defeat us with Eugene. Because once he has tasted victory, when a dishonest way in 2015 surpassed Eugene in the contest “man of the year” at the “House-2″. And he is haunted by that now for our vote a few more,” – said Artemov.