The star of the show “the Voice” killed a child

У звезды шоу «Голос» погиб ребенок
Became known details of the tragic accident.

У звезды шоу «Голос» погиб ребенок

Paul Black

The family of Paul black’s party us version of the show “the Voice” came
a terrible tragedy: the singer has lost his small, beloved daughter. It
happened some time ago, but only now became known the details
this incident.

That day Paul and his two children — seven-month-old son ACE and daughter pearl, of which a month later would have turned two years, was returning from a walk from a nearby Park. It all happened when they walked past the car Park along the wall that protected the Park. Suddenly one of the cars parked in the Parking lot, took off the handbrake and quickly rolled
downhill to the wall. Unfortunately, black children were in her way. From the car hit the wall collapsed directly into a small pearl. Paul tried to cover the girl with his body, but, unfortunately, it
is not saved. Seriously wounded at pearl helicopter medical aircraft delivered in
the hospital where she died from her wounds. Paul himself was also seriously
wounded. His son, ACE, by some miracle, survived. This story reminded many of the terrible death of actor Anton Elchina, crushed in his own yard last year machine off “Parking brake”.

Daughter of Paul black — pearl with mother

Photo: Social Networks

The investigation was launched, which should establish what exactly was the reason for terrible accident with her daughter black. It seems that the car — Land Rover, Yaguar, which was for 17 years, was indeed parked on a manual brake. In the course of further investigation will determine why the machine was set in motion. The most likely version — the fault is the hand brake. Against the owner of the car can be prosecuted.