Mack is facing a crisis in his personal life

МакSим переживает кризис в личной жизни
In the relationship of the singer and her lover happened a turning point.


Photo: @maksimartist Instagram Maksim

Singer Maksim hinted to fans on a painful breakup with a lover. Now the artist is preparing to release a new album. Singer warned that the mood of the songs is a bit sad as she experienced a crisis in his personal life. Mack said that has passed through a turning point in relations with the chosen one and made it the theme of a new composition.

“I now have a tipping point. Personal life… Today worked on a new song “It”. I have such names in the album are “Fool” and the like. They are a little sad, but at the same time easy-going and cheerful. They just did about a defining moment that some patients need to change,” — said Maksim.

Recently, the singer rarely pleases fans with new songs and performances. This is due primarily to the fact that she is a mom of two beautiful daughters Alexandra and Mary. C Alexei Lugovtsova, father eldest daughter, Maksim divorced three years later after the wedding. In 2014, she gave birth to another heir. Her dad was a businessman Anton Petrov, but in 2015 it became known that the couple broke up. After that the star was a new novel, which, apparently, once again ended in separation.

With the birth of children, the artist put his career on the second plan. However, Mack used to release all your emotions in creativity. Due to the fact that her personal life has changed, and it took the release of the new album.

“Often I am asked why so rarely go songs. Because I wrote them too candid, some close people I delicately asked them not to release because there’s too much said…” — confessed the singer