The star of the show “Dr. Richter” divorced after 15 years of marriage

Звезда сериала «Доктор Рихтер» развелся после 15 лет брака Sergey Gubanov went with his wife Larissa, which is older than him by three years. This was stated by a close acquaintance of the couple. In the words of another, the actor will help his former wife and children. Movie star moved out of the city, and his family remained in Moscow.
Звезда сериала «Доктор Рихтер» развелся после 15 лет брака

One of the main roles in the TV series “Dr. Richter,” the 40-year-old actor Sergey Gubanov, and his wife Larisa are no longer together. With the future wife of Sergei met when he was 14 years old, she was 17. Young people several old friends but then I realized that I wanted to be together. In 1996, the lovers were married, they had daughters, Carina and angelina. In 2003 the couple broke up, but after five years the former couple is again married, and in 2013, another daughter was born – Kate.

The star of “Dr. Richter” Sergey Gubanov: “the Younger steers all in the family”

“But now they parted again – says “StarHit” a friend of the actor, novel. Larisa children were left in Moscow, and Sergey lives in the city alone. No one knows what caused the breakup. The fact is that, despite all attempts to save the marriage, they did not succeed”.

“With the children Sergey continues to communicate, although not as often as before. Recently, the eldest daughter Karina came to him for the event, and last weekend Sergey together with the three heirs, making pelmeni at home. However, where there to cook, have no idea. Gubanov lives at the building materials in the truest sense of the word – he repairs.”

Sergei tries to talk about his private life with journalists, however, willingly talks about the success of children. “Junior Kate prefers cartoons, I have not yet filmed. Like all four year old children, she plays and knows this world. Katya is very naughty and steers all in the family. Angelina looks some projects, but she’s an athlete, champion of Russia in rowing, and she has absolutely no time for TV. Senior Karina went in my footsteps and ends up in the theatrical Institute” – shared] with “StarHit”.