The IOC suspended the national team of Russia from participation in the Olympics in 2018

МОК отстранил сборную России от участия в Олимпиаде-2018 Athletes will be able to compete under a neutral flag. The decision was announced in Lausanne. The basis of the charges against team Russia are the investigation committees under the leadership of Denis Oswald, and Samuel Schmid.
МОК отстранил сборную России от участия в Олимпиаде-2018

The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee, under the chairmanship of the head of the organization Thomas Bach dismissed the Russian team from participation in the Olympic games in 2018. The basis of the allegations against the team are investigation committees, which was done by Denis Oswald and Samuel Schmid. According to their findings, our athletes at the Olympics in Sochi doped with the connivance of sports officials.

The majority of those present at the meeting voted against participation of Russian athletes in the Games.

“The report Samuel Schmid said about the unprecedented attack on the Olympic movement. There is a special place is given to the actions of the Russian anti-doping laboratory for the Olympic games 2014 in Sochi. The IOC Executive Board took the decision (to dismiss Russia from the Olympics in 2018. — Approx. ed.) for the systematic manipulation,” said Bach.

However, the team has the opportunity to compete under a neutral flag. According to preliminary data, the team will be called “Olympic athletes of Russia”. It is reported that representatives of the Ministry of sports of Russia was banned to attend competitions in South Korea. Besides, Alexander Zhukov, was denied membership in the IOC. Deputy Prime Minister, Vitaly Mutko, former Deputy Minister of sports Yury Nagornykh and the former head of the organizing Committee of the Sochi Games Dmitry Chernyshenko barred for life from participation in the Olympics in any capacity.

Of Games in South Korea’s Pyeongchang will be able to go only a few “pure” Russian athletes. Their shape will decorate the Olympic flag, in all the ceremonies the Russian national anthem will be replaced by Olympic. Such cases have already met in the history of the competition.

The Executive Committee meeting was about three hours. Before the announcement of the final decision of the IOC members heard three Russian representatives: the head of Russia’s Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov, Chairman of the Independent anti-doping Commission Vitaly Smirnov and two-time world champion in figure skating Evgeny Medvedev.

Users in social networks are indignant. They are surprised with the fact that a young girl had to answer for violations of other athletes. Solution Thomas Bach has surprised fans of the Game.

“$15 million will be made by Russia on the development of international anti-doping system,” said Bach.

Later in the official account of the Russian Olympic Committee on Twitter appeared information that athletes, allow to Games, will determine the special Commission. Still the blood of some Russian athletes tested for doping.

“Every week revealed two to three new cases of autopsy samples. They now 35-36. The process continues. The Commission of Oswald not turn your work. Some samples contained too much salt, which can not be in such quantity in the human body. The examination found that the banks are trying to open. Perhaps some of them deliberately did not close until the end of initially, some were mechanical tampering,” said Schmid.

Many Russian TV channels refused to broadcast the Olympic games in Pyeongchang. Stars and fans of sports has decided to boycott the competition. In social networks was launched a large-scale flashmob with the hashtag #noRussianoGames.

“The boycott never helped to accomplish anything. I see no reason for such a decision. Pure Russians, we were allowed to participate in the Olympics, to demonstrate that they are in the country really is, and can serve as a bridge to the future of clean sport for the country. It’s better than to build a new wall between Russia and the international Olympic movement,” Bach commented on the situation.

Nonetheless, the posts are posting, are very contradictory. Some are of the opinion that it is not necessary to go to Korea on such conditions, others believe that the Russian athletes will be able to beat everybody in every situation. “Fight to the end. Our athletes are the best. Always cheer and support our”, “you can’t give them the pleasure! To go and punish them in every discipline!”, “Athletes are very sorry! But I’m for the boycott! There is no flag and the anthem,” talk on the Internet.

Yelena Isinbayeva was supported by members of the national team and left his mind on the page in a social network.

МОК отстранил сборную России от участия в Олимпиаде-2018“Everyone who until the last minute believed in justice and hoped for the best, please don’t despair. I’m the same as you last year until the last minute believed in justice, but… Yes, the decision of the IOC, the unexpected can not be named. Potentially all this was going on, but I was hoping all pure and clean athletes will be allowed to play under the flag of their country – Russia! I believed that the position of the athletes ‘ Commission of the IOC and the IOC: “to protect clean athletes of the world and defend their rights, regardless of their nationality, skin color, ethnicity, language, etc., even if it’s just one person from the country…” will be shown in action, but alas… I resent the words with deeds… What is left of the Olympic principles, from the spirit of the Olympics, the idea of the Olympic games?! Without Russia – is limping to the Olympics!” – said the champion.