The star of the show “big sister” on the set and electrocuted

Звезду сериала «Старшая сестра» на съемках ударило током Work for the First channel almost ended for actor Artem Lyskova tragedy. The young man did not notice the electric wires. Next was the doctors who were able to quickly provide the necessary assistance to the artist.

      The show First channel “big sister” was launched last week. Star of theatre and musicals Artem Lyskov plays a hang glider Vovka.

      “In one of the scenes in the story I lay in the hospital, – says Artem “StarHit”. – We were shooting in a real hospital, respectively, and all devices in it is not fake. In one scene, I lay bandaged on the bed around me filled with equipment. After the scene was filmed, was adjourned. And I’m delighted that finally you can get up and go get a coffee, jumped up and… right to bare feet stepped on a tangle of wires lying in the bed.”

      The city was badly electrocuted. Luckily for him, turned out to be close colleagues, picked up the actor and put him on the bed, which he a second ago so badly stood up. Also on hand celebrity was the fact that just a few meters from him was a real doctor, who immediately began to Bob and gave him the necessary assistance. A minute later the celebrity has recovered.

      “You know, that he is guilty in happened, – says Artem. Administrators set constantly repeat that no shoes in the hospital cannot move, but my Slippers were far away, not to get in the frame…”

      This is not the first case when the 29-year-old Lyskov on the job puts lives at risk. Eight years ago, during the filming of the series “Ranetki”, where Tom played a major role – boyfriend “Ranetki” Eugene Cucumbers If Platonov, the actor broke his arm. Performing one of the tasks of the Director, the star fell awkwardly and injured his limb. Artist with an open fracture was taken to the hospital, his recovery took more than two months. The fracture was so severe that the City had surgery, bones of the shoulder and the actor bonded with iron pins.

      “I was sure that after what happened on the set of “Ranetki” I will forever be as careful and accurate, – complains artist. – But no! Let my guard down and here is the result – electric shock! Well, not very much, but it is not known what could be the consequences…”