Звезда «Тихого Дона» открыл театр с артистами-лошадьми

The role of Grigory Melekhov in the series visited stanitsa Vyoshenskaya and took their horses.

Actor Yevgeny Tkachuk remembered shooting “the quiet don,” directed by Sergei Ursulyak, where he played the main male role, plunged into the don, tasted the fragrant soup and… took four of their horses from the stables of the Museum of Mikhail Sholokhov. Honey, Grotesque and Valday was bought by the artist in 2009 at the fee for the series “the Life and adventures of Mishka Yaponchik”. When 2014 began shooting the series “the Quiet don”, the horses went to stanitsa Vyoshenskaya, where were the real artists: they can also be seen in the series. The shooting ended, and the animals remained in the village, performed “the Horse Cossack dearest” for tourists.

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– Six months after the end of filming of “the quiet don” I couldn’t find a place for my horses, – said Evgeniy Tkachuk. In January this year found, began to make repairs. And now, when everything is almost done, moved the horses to the village of Lapsary Leningrad region, where is my horse theatre “Veleso”. With Honey, Valdai and Grotesque moved and new to Melbourne. He dons an incredibly hardy breed.

In August the theatre will open doors, and there will be seven horses. The three soon take on overexposure from the St. Petersburg sports clubs. Now the construction of the theatre on the square 16 GA over: ready stables, stage five of the winter stables. Build five more summer, rehearsal field, an indoor arena for testing of gaits. While this arena, we rent. The theatre is in financial difficulty, but, thank God, do it.

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– More than ten years ago, after the first year, for some reason I didn’t go to Sizran to my parents and went to work as a stable boy for some small money. Advised me my teacher stage movement Zagitovich Aidar Zakirov. He saw that I prepare the room with an imaginary horse, played by my classmate. I was unstoppable cowboy who tries to ride a horse, but it does not work, and in the end, the horse jumps on me. The teacher was surprised with what love and interest we do it, and offered to go to the stables of the estate “Arkhangelsk”.

The GITIS dorms already closed, and I moved to a month in the stables. Cared for horses, helped to build something. And suddenly I have this thing so much that I went in Syzran and a friend made a play “for her” – a sort of beginning of the Trojan war. It was assumed the five-minute piece, but it turned out the 45-minute performance with fifty children and twelve horses. Later – the second performance – “the Little Prince”. Then I felt the potential of this format great performance: horses are very graceful and expressive animals who not only can execute, but they have feelings and know how to Express them. Working with them, you can go to other heights. The hardest part – pulling animals from their abilities.

On the set of “the quiet don” for me it was freedom, because you had to work a lot with horses. The more you sit in the saddle, the more you have something to show – I have mastered the art of riding. It is exhausting, and Vice versa – charges. When you’re putting your body to work with the horse, he begins to answer you. I’m more tired from the scene without the horses. From the horses felt the transfer of energy to yourself.

My daughter eve the old. She hasn’t seen horses only in pictures. I tell her about them, read special literature about horses – I want to the two years she already knew which side to approach a horse, where to stroke, what to measure. In the theater, she already had all checked out: like the Pope water held, as did the stables, she liked it. Even helped me put the hammer showed on a nail that stuck out that I scored. Wife Martha is very supportive. If not for her support, it would be difficult. Helps me in everything especially in working with people. Working with horses is so absorbing! I’m happy that it happened and not otherwise. When the interests of the spouses does not agree, it is difficult to live.

To develop theatre and not to step on a rake, read specific literature about horses and horse theatres. Look on the Internet practices, seminars. Feature films in this case will not help – I know it. It’s all very glossed over. The only task of man is to learn from another what he can do better than him, and thus to develop.

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