Алексей Ягудин показал обнаженный торс
The famous figure skater trains hard in the gym.

Alexei Yagudin showed the naked torso

Alexei Yagudin has published on his page in the social
network a photo caused a stir among his followers. In the picture
skater sitting on the exercise bike, naked to the waist. “Friends! — calls
Alex. engaged! Exercise”.

The photograph shows not only the relief of muscle, but
how much he tanned. And it’s no wonder, because almost all summer Alex
together with his wife Tatiana Totmyanina and children are conducted in Sochi. This year
Yagudin and his talented wife perform in the ice show “Carmen”.

By the way, Tatiana is this year participating for the first time in this
view. Moved all summer in the Olympic capital and Tatiana Navka, it
traditionally plays the role of Carmen. Along with it the sea and the sun enjoy it
the youngest daughter Nadia. For a few days in Sochi, my mother came and eldest daughter
Sasha Zhulin, who then went to Moscow for shooting of their new clip
(the girl appears on stage under the pseudonym of Alexis).

We will remind, Ilya Averbukh told
7days.ru that this year’s ice show has become even brighter and more interesting. “Great
we have the opportunity to work in this beautiful, already an iconic place for us,
says the celebrated choreographer. — The atmosphere here is special, favorite audience:
Sochi has become a second home for me!”

One thought on “Alexei Yagudin showed the naked torso”
  1. I,d REALLY,REALLY,REALLY Like 2 know if Alexei Yagudin will ever Tour again or Alexei will come back 2 the United States with a Figure Skating Show of His own ?.
    Because I would REALLY,REALLY,REALLY lo ve 2 see Alexei Yagudin Live Because I saw Alexei Yagudin in the Winter Olympics when the Winter Olympics were in Nagano,Japan; & Salt Lake City, Utah .
    And I,d Be Absolutely Super,Super Happy if 3 got the chance 2 Meet The Super Alexei Yagudin so that I could tell Alexei Yagudin that I Enjoyed watching Him Both the Nagano,Japan & Salt Lake City, Utah Winter Olympics .

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