Звезда мюзиклов Дмитрий Ермак спасает больную раком актрису A young woman is faced with the need to ask for financial help. To provide the artist financial support was made by her colleague, Dmitry Ermak. According to him, recently Olga had surgery.
Звезда мюзиклов Дмитрий Ермак спасает больную раком актрису

Star of theatre Dmitry Ermak appealed for subscriptions in Instagram. The man said that his partner on the musical “the little Mermaid”, Olga Musekenova was discovered Oncology. I was diagnosed with an operable tumor in both ovaries. Surgical intervention has already taken place, but recovery and further treatment will need a decent amount.

“The surgery went. We believe that all will be well. But the material needed! Ahead of chemotherapy,” shared the sad news Dmitry.

On Instagram the actor posted the account number, which you can transfer financial help for Olga. Ermak said that any amount can be decisive and urged followers not to remain indifferent to the misfortunes of others.

Olga Musekenova also did not hide the arisen problems with health: the social networks she posted pictures of references, that indicate the diagnosis. The actress confirms that the first operation to remove a malignant tumor has already taken place, but this procedure was only the initial stage on the road to recovery.

“I’m sorry to have to ask you for help, but recently I was diagnosed with cancer. In the first phase of treatment will take 350 thousand rubles”, – was reported by Olga.

Fans of the actress were shocked by the sad news. They hurried to wish Olga speedy recovery and return to the stage. She Musekenova promised that he will provide all financial reporting and will explain in detail about health and treatment outcomes.

Olga Musekenova works not only in theatre but also in films. She performed roles in the films “Norway” and “return ticket”, has appeared in the TV series “Happy together” and “Daddy’s girls”.

Together with Dmitry Ermak Olga works in the musical “the little Mermaid”. There she plays the role of the evil witch Ursula. It is likely that Musekenova have to interrupt the creative activity for the period of treatment. However, doctors believe that the artist can help, if the time to conduct several courses of chemotherapy.