Look at star cosmetic: what hides Alena Vodonaeva

Загляни в звездную косметичку: что скрывает Алена Водонаева The presenter told us which tools takes pride of place on her dressing table, and shared the latest beauty discoveries. “StarHit” found, without which a celebrity can’t do and that encourages all of her friends.
Загляни в звездную косметичку: что скрывает Алена Водонаева

Food culture

My morning always starts with a glass of water and oatmeal. Cereals basically buy only 15-minutes cooking. In the cold season, add the oatmeal honey and summer berries. For my son it’s the most delicious Breakfast. Pamper yourself sometimes cheesecakes. I was lucky because my mother was raised with the culture of proper nutrition. For which many thanks to her. At home we never had mayonnaise, harmful sauces and sausages.

Загляни в звездную косметичку: что скрывает Алена ВодонаеваTry to eat three times a day and drink plenty of water – 1.5–2 liters. If suddenly due to filming I had not eaten all day, I do not see nothing wrong to eat late in the evening. The main thing – to understand and know that you can. For example, steak, fish and salad will not harm the body even at three in the morning. And here are a couple of sweets before bed deposited exactly at the waist. Better sweet to indulge in the morning. Every six months, by the way, can treat themselves to French fries. If you comply with easy rules throughout your life, you won’t get better. I am against diets, as any strict constraint is in total breakdown. But licentiousness should not be.


Загляни в звездную косметичку: что скрывает Алена Водонаева

I lead an active lifestyle and do sports that helps to always stay sharp. Four times a week I go to the gym. Consolidate the results of cosmetic procedures. Every two weeks do the wraps once a week to attend massage therapist.


Загляни в звездную косметичку: что скрывает Алена Водонаева

Favorite lipstick – matte resistant from brands Sinsation Cosmetics by Alena Vodonaeva and Kylie Jenner. They effectively accentuate the shape and fullness of lips. And Agent Provocateur balm moisturizes and rescues in the cold.


Загляни в звездную косметичку: что скрывает Алена ВодонаеваNot so long ago discovered the bath. Didn’t think it was so cool! My mom has a new tradition – every two weeks we go to bathe. After the bath, drink tea with honey, relax and chat about your girlish. It is an unforgettable feeling! The skin becomes velvety, like a baby.

By the way, I never had problems, even in adolescence. But its tone must be maintained. I love creams and scrubs, coffee and berries. Also make facial masks at home. I like brands Killah and Dior.


For the face use tone and powder Tom Ford. Most of all I love the shade of Tom Ford brown shades – they effectively bring out my green eyes. In ordinary life, prefer a lighter Foundation from Tom Ford, Armani and Dior Hydra Life. Suited for shooting tight Estee Lauder and Dior Diorskin Forever. Military I have from Dior and Beautydrugs. Apply a little to lips and cheekbones. Paint lashes mascara Estee Lauder, as well as just eyeliner black pencil Tom Ford and Givenchy. Eyeliner I also Tom Ford. Rarely used blusher and Estee Lauder concealer for eyes Christian Dior.


I love Montale Chocolate Greedy – translated “Jealous chocolate”, a charming evening Eastern gourmet fragrance. The perfume combines hints of Tonka beans and cocoa, which are shrouded in the aroma of roasted coffee beans. In the heart of the fragrance reigns note Moroccan orange with characteristic bitterness sets off the sweetness of the perfume of water. Daisy aroma strongly advocates the Duo of vanilla and dried fruit.