Алия Мустафина сообщила подробности о новорожденной дочери Olympic champion in more than a month kept me wondering. Aliya Mustafina decided that the time has come share his secrets with many fans. A young mother revealed the exact time of birth heiress and her name.

The winner of the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, gymnast Aliya Mustafina and her husband, bobsledder Alexey Zaitsev not so long ago became parents for the first time. The couple had a daughter. That’s just not on the date of her birth, no other options baby alia and Alex chose until a time not apply.

It took more than a month before the young parents decided to reveal some details of his family life. Aliya Mustafina has published in his microblog touching two picture – one of them captured the cake, obviously, was gifted to a couple on the day of discharge from the hospital. The dessert is decorated with an inscription indicating that athletes daughter Alice was born 9 June 2017 12 hours and fifteen minutes. The girl’s weight was 3340 grams, height – 53 cm. In the second picture – cute kozerozhek, on the tummy which are embroidered with the same data on little Alice.

“It’s time to brag. One beauty ate, waiting for the second hour become a favorite toy. But I will not forget the height, weight and everything else,” signed pictures of Aliya Mustafina.

Subscribers will alia was touched by this touching frame. They congratulated the athlete with the addition to the family, and some admitted that after viewing the photos, too, wanted to have children.

“Congratulations, Liushi. Happy baby!”, “Health to you and little” “Oh, me too Alice, be healthy and happy!”, “That’s very nice. I just now wanted to give birth” – comment on a followers post Aliya Mustafina.

Recall that in a family of athletes had increased, fans learned from microblog Zaitseva: a young father just posted photos from the walks, refraining from any comment. Then the stroller captured and Aliya. The young mother did not disclose any details about the baby. On 8 July, the Day of love, family and loyalty, the young parents decided to please fans of the whole series of images. Aliya Mustafina has shared the first picture of a newborn daughter

First Aliya Mustafina posted a touching photo in which a little girl holds her finger with your fragile fingers. And then Alexei Zaitsev shared his picture with Alice in his arms.