Звезда клипа «Ленинграда» о лабутенах станет героиней ситкома «Стерва»
Julia Topolnica will play in the new TV series the manicurist Nelly Suslov.

Julia Topolnica

Photo: from personal archive of Yulia Topolnicki

The star of the music video “Exhibit”
group “Leningrad” Julia Topolnica will become a heroine of the sitcom
“Bitch.” The actress will play in the new TV series the manicurist Nelly Suslov.

According to the actress, her heroine has something in common with a girl
on the clip “Exhibit”. Nellie is also no money for the expensive brands, so it
buys what it can afford. But, unlike that character, Nelly is not arrogant
rather, open and naive.

Recall, the video for the song “Exhibit a” of group “Leningrad” in
the first few days after the premiere daily was viewed about a million times. Now he
scored more than 60 million views on YouTube. Julia Topolnitsky, who performed
the main role in the music video “Exhibit”, which became a major Internet hit of the winter, in a few days became an Internet star. The girl prophesied a great future as an actress.

By the way, the creators of the clip was not easy to find the actress,
who knows how to laugh at themselves, and on her figure. Before Julia they
viewed more than two hundred applicants. In the end, reincarnation
turned out to be as realistic as possible. Topolnica played the girl, gathering
on a first date with a guy, whom she met on the Internet. The process
fees depicted with humor — trying to lose weight for a couple of hours, tons of makeup and
the eternal female “nothing to wear”. The key point is begging the
girl friend, “louboutins” (design model of Shoe named after her
Creator — Christian Louboutin. A distinctive feature of this Shoe is the sole
red). The culmination of the video is the fall to fall by high
heels girls. “I’m very happy that you have believed in me and supported me on
during the two days of filming. Thanks for caring and for snacks, says
Topolnica. — Peter Bondarenko, thanks for the great jokes and good mood
and for the “Kison”, thank you so much Lera — dresser and a wonderful makeup artist! One
the word is very spiritual and a good film crew! You are like family to me!
Thank you for everything!”.

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