Оксана Акиньшина сравнила семью с колонией строгого режима The actress told how to raise their heirs. Oksana Akinshina is trying to be a strict mother while her husband allows himself to indulge sons.

      Оксана Акиньшина сравнила семью с колонией строгого режима

      Now a popular actress Oksana Akinshina brings up two children. Eldest son from his first marriage to Philip will soon be seven, and three years ago, the actress and her husband, Archil Gelovani came to son Kostya. A young mother is so absorbed by the care of the family that became less attention to focus on her career, choosing only the most interesting roles. Now, according to her, life with her husband is slowly making it a wise wife. She became much more reserved and calmer. But the birth of his two sons helped her to understand men. Despite the fact that the celebrity loves children, she is not afraid to be strict and trying to give them a proper upbringing.

      “Archil – crazy, exaggerated dad, but I’m a tough mom. If we talk about the satisfaction of desires of sons, my husband and their spoiled but with routine and discipline full control. On this side we keep them as in a strict regime colony,” admitted Akinshina.

      Despite the fact that most people in the upbringing of their successors focus on the methods their own parents, Oksana decided strongly to change attitudes towards children. Akinshina believes that her mom and dad had taken the wrong approach to her upbringing, so she doesn’t want to repeat their mistakes.

      “They did not respect the child. I am not speaking with your sons as children, not sysutils. Communicate as adults, as individuals. No force is we do not put children at the table, does not remove their clothes (especially the youngest). First, you need to notify the child agreed. Yes, he will have to do it, but not through force, but be sure to understand that these are the rules,” said the actress.

      We will remind that about the novel with his fans found out not at once. The actress was reluctant to share details of his personal life. Despite the fact that their relationship began five years ago, with each passing day their love only gets stronger. “I love him, differently than two years ago. In some ways, this feeling is becoming stronger. And see the affection, respect, patience, gratitude to each other… And if all develops together, then it’s fine!” said Akinshina portal Woman’s Day.


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