Певица Нюша попала в больницу

According to the publication LifeNews, a well-known Russian singer Nyusha addressed in the Kazan hospital with severe back pain. During the examination the doctors diagnosed artist “degenerative changes of the spine and abnormalities in the cervical spine”.

Lady Gaga is known that is laid out in their statements 100%. She sings and performs a complex dance composition. The doctors prescribed her a course of treatment and advised to relax a bit from hard work, but the artist is not saving herself and decided to continue playing in the same rhythm.
Denis Vorobyev, the representative of the singer announced that lady Gaga will continue to compete in the mode specified previously and no change in the schedule is not going to make.
“Nyusha everything is normal, she feels well. If she had serious health problems or well-being, we would, of course, cancelled the tour, but at the moment she is doing well” — said Vorobyov.
I hope before June 10, the singer will improve their health – after all, it has to appear in the “Olympic”, where at this day will be the Annual award ceremony MUZ-TV. Forty on a tail has brought that lady Gaga will receive the award for his hit “Tsunami”.

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