Реалити-шоу Кейтлин Дженнер могут закрыть из-за низких рейтингов

About it can write to the tabloids, but the audience is not interested. The transformation of Caitlin Jenner, which a year ago was Bruce Jenner was an American athlete and an exemplary family man, was interesting to the public only at first. Now the ratings of his (her) own reality show “I Am Cait” is so low that the program can close any day now.

According to sources, the rating of the reality show for unknown reasons fell sharply. Representatives of the Caitlin assure that it’s not, but insiders that are part of the circle with Jenner, claim that producers of television programs in great sorrow and are thinking soon to roll the project.
Journalists were able to calculate that since the last season, number of spectators decreased by 500 000, a very substantial figure considering the fact that the Prime Minister looked 2, 7 million people, and the previous season – 745 000. This means that the number of fans dropped by more than three times.
“Caitlin is very upset by the fact that the show ceased to interest the audience. She believes that this is guilt Chris that she had any impact on the ratings, because I was worried about his own show “Life with Kardashian”. From the outside it looks like that Caitlin blames everyone and everything for the failure of his show, but really people are just tired of this topic,” — said the insider.

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