Дочь Виктории Бекхэм без ума от песен Spice Girls

Harper seven Beckham, the daughter of the famous British footballer David Beckham and designer Victoria Beckham, loves the creativity of her famous mom. But it’s not about clothes, but about the musical past of Victoria, which has some twenty years ago, I sang in a mega-popular Spice Girls.
Victoria has been acknowledged that tied with the musical past and to revive his singing career did not intend, but for the sake of her daughter she agrees to listen to old hits in his performance countless times.

Дочь Виктории Бекхэм без ума от песен Spice Girls
As it became known to journalists, four Harper loves the movie “Spice World” about the life of the group Spice Girls, know by heart almost all songs of the group and loves to dance to rousing them, as once her mom.

Дочь Виктории Бекхэм без ума от песен Spice Girls
“A few weeks ago upon returning home I found a funny picture: our daughter is watching a movie with Victoria. Wife went to Harper, and they began to sing and dance like the Spice Girls” said the girl’s father David Beckham.

According to the athlete, and his, and Victoria (especially Victoria) were very pleased with the interest my daughter. He also added that his favorite animated movie is the daughter’s “Cold heart”, which she “watched sixty times” and ready to watch.

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