The star of the movie “Back to the future” — the anniversary

У звезды фильма «Назад в будущее» — юбилей
Michael J. Fox is celebrating the 55th birthday.

У звезды фильма «Назад в будущее» — юбилей

Michael J. Fox

Photo: Splash News/East news

Exactly 25 years
ago extremely popular at the time
actor Michael J. Fox, which is celebrating its 55th anniversary,
had to go through this tragedy. The doctor told him that he is incurable.
ill. By the way, the radical cure of a severe neurological disorder
called “Parkinson’s disease”, is not created until now. This news
shocked him. Michael was sure that he can’t live very long. And the
at least, thanks to their courage and efforts of doctors, he managed to survive until 2016
year. As far “forward” do not climb in time even his glorified actor
hero from the movie “Back to the future”…

When Michael learned about
his illness, he was only 29
years and he was on the crest of his fame. Fox, the son of a humble soldier began
his career very early. At the age of 15 he got his first role on television in
the series “Leo and me”. Interestingly, while he managed to play quite plausible
10-year-old boy, because Michael was distinguished by miniature growth, and fragile
physique. After that, he quite successfully starred in various movies and
the series, like the TV show “family ties,” for which he was
won three “Emmy”. But still
real glory brought to Michael, of course, the trilogy “Back to the future”. And in the third
the film franchise he played just a year before his terrible diagnosis.

Michael noticed
something was wrong, when I was working on the set of the show “Twisted city”. Finger it
hand first began to tremble, and then an uncontrollable twitch. And later unpleasant
the phenomenon has spread to the whole hand. Learn from the doctor what was happening to him,
actor for quite a long time managed to hide from his colleagues his illness. Michael just brought inexplicable to many
a habit of hiding his left hand in pocket of trousers or jacket. He fought bravely
with the trouble, but the disease progressed, and in 1998 Michael was forced
to tell about your problem in an interview. And two years later he had to leave
of the series…

And still it is not
surrendered. With the support of his beloved wife, actress Tracy Polland, Fox
continues in parallel to be treated and to work. For example, it pretty often
will trip on “the voice” different movie and
television projects. And from time to time, he appears in movies and on television, as
for example, in “Show Michael J. Fox”. But he wrote during this time three
books and takes an active part in
the work of charities that collect funds for research and the search for
methods of treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Michael J. Fox with his wife

Photo: Splash News/East news

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