Подруга Эмбер Херд рассказала правду об аресте актрисы
Tasya van Riet said that amber slandered.

Подруга Эмбер Херд рассказала правду об аресте актрисы

Tasya Van Ri

Amber Heard

For wife
Johnny Depp decided to stand up her old friend. The fact that reporters
recently dug up “dirt” on amber. It was about the fact that in 2009-m Hurd, who was accused of beating her husband, was allegedly arrested on itself
charges of “domestic violence”. Moreover, the victim called just the Tasya van

Knowing that the tabloids
decided to raise again this old story, Tasia decided to make a statement to
to defend the honor of a friend. First of all, van Riet pointed out that she didn’t call the police and did not need her protection, because any attack on it is amber not
did. And hinted that someone from the neighbors with a lot of connections who are not
liked a very close “friendship” between the two women, simply decided
to compromise.

needed to inflate criminal history out of nothing.” However, all charges were almost immediately
removed as found to be false, and amber was released. And I think those
who is now trying to “play” on this incident, should be ashamed. As
if amber now has enough nervous because of the divorce, her
want to get to undergo because of those unpleasant memories!” said

Before meeting
Johnny Depp bisexual heard for quite a long time was in a relationship with van Ri
they were together for almost five years. But even when they broke up, the girl kept
a friendly relationship. “On our joint period of life I have left
only the most wonderful memories!” says Tasia.

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