Звезда «Великолепного века» перестала скрывать возлюбленного Meriem Userli publicly demonstrated feelings. The chosen star of the series “Magnificent century”, a Turkish owner of the yacht club Alp Ozcan. Apparently, the relations of lovers are approaching the wedding.

      Звезда «Великолепного века» перестала скрывать возлюбленного

      Actress Meriem Uzerli, who became famous thanks to the role of the main character Hürrem in the series “Magnificent century”, actually has said publicly about her relationship with her lover, who was concealed from all quite a long time.

      Meriem for the first time published a joint with her partner, Turkish businessman and owner of the yacht club by Ozcan Alpe in the microblog, accompanied by emoticons nedodelannogo content. Pictures depict two figures – male and female, who are holding hands.

      Yes, and the photo itself is placed Meriem Uzerli, more than eloquently. On it the actress sits on the lap of his beloved, tenderly clinging to him and clasping one hand behind the neck. While second hand Meriem is located so that even the most inattentive fan will be able to notice a chic ring on her finger. What it’s for decoration, not the actress explains, but it is possible that the ring given to her beloved and may be an engagement, and the rumors about the upcoming wedding of the star not so exaggerated.

      It should be noted that the novel Meriem Uzerli and of Alp Ozcan lasts for several months, and for quite a long time, the pair was hiding from the press and fans. For the first time, the actress was allowed to photograph them in the company of the groom not long ago. About a month ago, journalists found lovers leaving a restaurant. And to the surprise of the paparazzi, Meriem and the Alps, instead of hiding, suddenly started with a smile to pose and even answered a few questions. According to some reports, the actress couldn’t talk about his personal life because of the contract she signed at the time of filming in the TV series “Queen of the night”.

      Recall that Meriem Userli not long ago experienced a disappointment in your personal life. The star of “the Magnificent century” was in love with businessman Jan also, and when he found out that Meriem is pregnant, said she just wants to take part in the upbringing of the child, and does not intend to marry.

      In February 2014 Uzerli gave birth to a daughter Lara and gave her his name. But apparently, to walk in my son is beautiful very long. The new darling of the actress of ideal relationship not only with her but also with her daughter, as evidenced by the photos, which Meriem shared in “Instagram”. To them the Alps walking with Lara, and the baby feels good in his company.


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