Арман Давлетяров: «Перед 10 июня я сплю только два раза в неделю» My interview with the organizer of the ceremony, which the West-wide musicians called Russian Grammy. Although this year I don’t hand out silver platters MUZ-TV, the head of the TV channel Arman Davletyarov revealed to me some secrets of the upcoming music festival and not only.

    Арман Давлетяров: «Перед 10 июня я сплю только два раза в неделю»

    – AndRMAN, you told me that because of my busy work scheduleand sleep tnly 6 hours. The Awards ceremony MUZ-TV is approaching, and, as I understand it, you do not loJesse.

    – Sleeping more, but really, only twice a week.

    – The popular vote, distributed tables with the names of the nominees and experts.

    – We call them academics. By the way, you, Andrew, voted, contributed in show business?

    – Davno. I believe the water stone thencheat, and my, albeit small Ition will affect the result.

    – Not such it and small, we have about 100 people academics. On the day of the awards ceremony, summed up the voices of the audience and the academics, in the end we get a winner. All this is done for even greater transparency. Because some fan group too actively wind the voices of their idols.

    Арман Давлетяров: «Перед 10 июня я сплю только два раза в неделю»

    I think you have introduced a siwiththe topic of determining the best in 2012 year, the Statute of otbivatüXia perturbed fromuenny free Sergey Lazarev. Then stood him up with the prize, not giving any plates.

    – Resentment of artists for me anyway, that the whims of their children, which, in spite of everything, I love very much.

    – Reins of the ceremony tyou once gave her the Foundation ofthoseeh Igor Krutoy. He somehow influencewhat is happening in splash zones?

    – Igor Yakovlevich annually present in the hall as guest of honor, but if I have any questions on the organization, I can always call him and consult.

    Which artists formed your musical taste?

    – I’m from the generation of the 70s. We admired the Beatles, he loved ABBA and was glued to the TV when she sang Alla Pugacheva. Being older, I c friends stormed the “Olympic”, where he performed with Yuri Shatunov with “Tender may”, and was absolutely happy to be the Russian Michael Jackson concert. And after hearing Deep Purple live, actually was stunned!

    Арман Давлетяров: «Перед 10 июня я сплю только два раза в неделю»

    I read, you are a young man was a forensic scientist, went to ckyou from theseals with the corpses.

    While studying in law, I interned at 102 police station Perovsky district and have fond memories of that time. I lived in the Dorm, and after work (the subway was closed already) I drove a company car. One day I was summoned by the commandant and says, “Davletyarov, you have to move out”. “What happened?” – ask. “How is that! Every night you bring the police”. Now about the prints. The first time I visited the morgue there were the Colonel, major. Command: “Go, take your prints.” I was taken aback: “Who, me?” They: “Well, who are we?” And with one brisk young Lieutenant I on shaky legs approach the dead body. The Lieutenant takes the cushion and said, “put the paper!” I tried, but the fingers of the dead man’s SOG-nulis and are ossified. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, piteously looking at the Lieutenant. “Then knock it down!” he says. When I went outside, me probably 15 minutes vomited, and suddenly I hear: “Well, went out to dinner?”

    Арман Давлетяров: «Перед 10 июня я сплю только два раза в неделю»

    Is it true that you were present at the birth of his wife?

    – I Eastern man, a different mentality, it is more important to build a house, provide for his family. And here we are with a pregnant wife in America, came to the scheduled consultation of the doctor, and she went into labor. We say, change, it’s time. The wife began to cry, clutching my hand: “I afraid!” “What?” – ask. It’s not the first, and the third is our child! But she doesn’t calm down. Then I promised that I will close and leave only when the adult starts. And the culmination of the process: the wife, clinging to me, yelling hysterically, “Go away!”. I say, “Okay” and please release my hand. But she can’t hear, and Willy-nilly I became the witness of how children are born. Since then, I believe, every man should take this moment to feel and be close. I have radically changed attitude to his wife. I did not think that it is such a pain. So much emotion! Then I sat and cried. This is our last child. If during childbirth you’ll die, what will I do with three children?” But fourth, we have a long-awaited daughter, and when I immediately gave her up… an Indescribable feeling!

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