The star of the film “Kiss!” saved the life of psychics

Звезде фильма «Горько!» спасли жизнь экстрасенсы
Actress Elena Valyushkina have suffered because of medical errors.

Elena Valyushkina

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Elena Valyushkina, known from the film
“Kiss!” and “love Formula”, 15 years ago got rid of the sinus infection by using
operations. But since then, from time to time she became inflamed cheek, and neither
one of the pictures the cause of the inflammation did not show. And when the actress
became the co-host of the TV show “Battle of psychics”, and she among the participants
the program made a lot of friends, and one of them she described her

“My medium is very concerned about the state of
my health, saying that I urgently need surgery,
warned that we must not tarry, and I once again decided on surgery, —
said Elena — It turned out that all this time my cheek was decayed medical
the point, forgotten there by doctors who me 15 years ago had surgery and all
this time there was. And in the pictures it just wasn’t visible. Even the doctor who
learned it, was amazed: “15 years! If he didn’t get this point, for anything
wouldn’t believe it! It does not happen! Never live! Don’t want to scare you,
what could be the consequences!”. In General, what happened to me, it
the category of miracles. Thankfully, my health is not threaten
cheek got irritated very easily and I feel great!”.

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