Rapper Serega helps Valeria to lose weight

Рэпер Серега помогает Валерии похудеть Famous singer appreciated the new project of showman. Valeria decided to get in shape for summer through a unique program developed by the rapper Seryoga, changed itself beyond recognition.

      Рэпер Серега помогает Валерии похудеть

      Valeriya for many years is in excellent shape. But as you know, there is no limit to perfection. The famous singer was found in her appearance some shortcomings, so I decided to get in perfect shape by summer. In order to accomplish what you want, the star turned to the colleague on a scene Sergey Parkhomenko.

      We will remind, last year the rapper Serega has launched a new project. Started with the fact that the actor has changed beyond recognition – it became inflated body, as real bodybuilders. Own transformation has made the star reflect on new business. Indeed, while Serge was introduced to a healthy and athletic lifestyle, he learned all about nutrition and training. So there was his baby – sports club.

      In my club, the rapper promises to lead in shape everyone for 99 hours of sports. The system includes individual training program, body massage, daily delivery of the daily diet and, of course, classes with a personal trainer.

      It was there, and asked Valeria, who decided to pull the body for the summer. Now since it deals with one of the coaches of the club Seryoga. The singer has published on his page in Instagram photo from the sports hall and advised subscribers to join the program.

      Рэпер Серега помогает Валерии похудеть

      I really like what lifestyle You lead. Look at You such fit, athletic! And started charging in the morning. Expose more of these posts where You do yoga or at the gym“, “Valeria, You are super woman, listen to You and respect! Keep it up”, – was glad for his favorite fans.

      It is noteworthy that the author’s program of Sergey Parkhomenko caused a lot of controversy on the Internet. “Sergei, you look great, but you and I, and the people who in the subject, I understand that without the help of “Vitaminka” is impossible to achieve such a physique, and in principle you yourself do not hide what is mentioned several times in your songs. Why misinform people”, – was indignant one of the subscribers, Serega in his microblog. Other followers have suggested that the program only helps lose weight but not to give the body a truly beefy look. Sergey agrumentation said both opponents and invited them to check for yourself the effectiveness of the program.

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