Звезда «Экипажа» Александра Яковлева развелась с мужем The actress was first admitted that they have already broken up with her husband. Alexander Yakovlev, for many years was not told about his marital status because he did not want to be pitied. The former wife of the artist Kalju aasmyae another family.
Звезда «Экипажа» Александра Яковлева развелась с мужем

The star of the Soviet cinema Alexander Yakovlev, July 2, said a solid date – one of the most beautiful Actresses of our time will be 60 years. In honor of the birthday of Alexandra E. First channel showed a film “Alexander Yakovlev. Life with a clean slate,” in which she made a truly sensational confession. The actress said that for many years is married to cal aasmaa, while the press kept talking about her wonderful family.

Even recently giving an interview to the program “Alone with all”, the star of “the Crew” and “Wizards” was given to understand that the marriage exists, and she just loves her husband.

“I’m so much of a conservative that all my life I love one country, one husband cal Asmaa. I have two children, four grandchildren. Spouse lives in Estonia, I go back and forth,” said Alexander Yakovlev, Yulia Menshovoj.
Звезда «Экипажа» Александра Яковлева развелась с мужем

Only the authors of the film, the actress confessed that she has long been divorced. At cal aasmaa another family in Estonia, but the former spouses maintain a cordial relationship, and often Dating. For Yakovleva is a native person who is from the status of beloved husband became a good friend.

Звезда «Экипажа» Александра Яковлева развелась с мужем“Thirty years we know and are friends very much, – said in the film actress. – He’s one of my trusted comrades, friends, and very rarely now happens in life”.

This past Alexandra Yakovleva, she didn’t want to tell many years. Maybe because I was afraid to break up with him. Didn’t want to explain to anyone why she was left alone. And not in the nature Yakovleva to complain and to seek support from the people she was used to independently take a punch.

“All the women, the spectators of the First channel I want to say: all is well, you are healthy, healthy your children close. You live. The most important thing. Keep face, smile,” said Alexander Yakovlev.

Звезда «Экипажа» Александра Яковлева развелась с мужем

Recall from cal aasmaa actress met on the set of the film “the Skydivers”. He was a consultant on vault. By the way, Yakovlev all jumps were made only, no doubles. All she has 350. After some time the couple got married, Alexander took the surname of her husband. And in the movie “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines” in the credits was listed as Alexander aasmaa.

This marriage was not the first in her biography. Yakovlev several years was married to her classmate, actor Valery Kuhareshin. But the marriage lasted not long at all. As often happens when people get married very young. Alexander was not afraid to be alone, despite what was already a mother of two children – daughter Lisa, and son of Kondrat.

Incidentally, the actress at the time was attributed to relationship with journalist Alexander Nevzorov. In an interview in the film, she has not confirmed nor denied this information.