Maria Poroshina makes the eldest daughter to ask for help to the father

Мария Порошина заставляет старшую дочь обращаться за помощью к отцу In the program “Relish” the actress has told that is engaged primarily in the care of the younger daughters. 21-year-old Pauline, the assurances Poroshina, often consults with the Pope Gosha Kutsenko.
Мария Порошина заставляет старшую дочь обращаться за помощью к отцу

Maria Poroshina was the guest of the program “Relish”. While cooking the onion pie and salad with the crabs, the actress spoke about family relationships. The star says that 21-year-old Pauline always needs attention, but a mother devotes most of their time caring for younger children.

“Pauline takes a lot of care, despite the fact that she is already 21. If she needs help, I send her to her father. On me small, and older refers to the response or to the stepfather, Ilya,” said Poroshina.
Мария Порошина заставляет старшую дочь обращаться за помощью к отцу

Polina herself had decided to follow in the footsteps of his famous parents and to devote my life to acting. Now the girl is studying at the Theatre Institute named after Boris Shchukin, where I was educated and her mother.

“Pauline self-enrolled in the Shchukin Institute. Many of my teachers now teach her. Of course, it’s difficult, but she copes,” says Maria in the program “Relish”.

Mother Maria Poroshina manages to combine a parental relationship with the care of the heirs. Recall that the star brings the eldest daughter, Pauline, of Gosha Kutsenko and three girls from the wife of Elijah Drevnov. The star has repeatedly admitted that he is in great relations with their heirs, trying to instill in them a love of art. “My middle daughter Agrafena growing real artist. Recently while I was on tour, she made me a funny video, said that her boy admitted in love,” confessed Mary.

The assurances Poroshina, with age, Pauline is becoming more and more like her both in appearance and character. The actress admitted that her eldest child is introduced to a family with a knight, and star parents fully endorsed the selection of girls. Now the successor of the famous names in films and TV shows, trying to independently achieve success in this field.

Daughter Kutsenko and Poroshina introduced them to her boyfriend

We will remind, Maria Poroshina and Gosha Kutsenko met at the entrance exams in a Studio-school of MKHAT. Their relationship lasted five years, after which future movie stars broke up. Now married to the actress by Ilya Drevnov, and in February 2016, she became a mother for the fourth time. Maria phenomenally quickly come in shape after childbirth, and during the broadcast of the program “Smak” shared the secret of weight loss. “I don’t eat more than one Cup of food at a time. In two hours, if not satisfied, repeat the reception meals in the same amount. If you exceed the calorie, the next day you sit on the apples,” – says celebrity.

Polina Kutsenko is often seen with his father, and his Instagram photos appear regularly with the eldest daughter. Mariya Poroshina also managed to maintain excellent relations with the former civil spouse ,they often meet at social events and film festivals.