Олег Яковлев записал перед смертью песню-прощание Close Oleg Yakovlev told “StarHit” about his unfulfilled dreams. The artist was planning to release a new song and make a video for it. Fiancee of deceased singer, Alexandra Kutsevol wants to implement his plan.
Олег Яковлев записал перед смертью песню-прощание

Thursday was not the ex-soloist of group “Ivanushki International”. 47-summer Oleg Yakovlev died in a Moscow clinic, where he was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia a week ago. The last two days it was connected to the ventilator, the doctors to the last struggled for his life. But… the heart star stopped June 29 at 7:05 am.

All this time, with Yakovlev was his civil wife Alexander Kutsevol. They met in St. Petersburg, where she studied at the faculty of journalism. The last three years, Sasha performed the duties of PR Director singer. Former fan or last love: why Oleg went from “Simons”

“We had a lot of plans, – admitted Kutsevol “StarHit”. Recently Oleg has written a sad song, a song-goodbye “don’t cry”. We wanted to make a video, do a presentation. I fulfill that in memory of him. In addition, Oleg wanted to become a Director of the movie – I met a few weeks ago with Alexander Scott, discussed the concept, the idea.”
Олег Яковлев записал перед смертью песню-прощание

Kutsevol and Yakovlev was in no hurry to officially register the relationship: and without a stamp in the passport they were good together. But think about the children.

“Oleg and Sasha came on the birthday of my wife Dima on April 16 says star wedding planner Anna Goroga. – Only now I catch myself thinking that even then he lost weight, face is a little haggard… Almost the whole holiday, he played with our son, like, ten times repeated: “I love Dan’ku!” Never noticed he had such an attitude to the kids. Of course, they wanted kids, but…”

TV presenter Otar Kushanashvili believes that Yakovlev was hit by the lack of implementation in the work.

Олег Яковлев записал перед смертью песню-прощание“The first time after leaving from “ivanushek” it was all good concerts, says Otar “StarHit”. – But then they subsided. We met a month ago at a party in the restaurant, I gave him my book, embraced. And Oleg said, “And you would go to my house on the edge of the world?” He wanted to go to his native Buryatia, where his relatives live. I said Yes”.

Yakovlev led the program “Vkontakte LIVE” on the Russian Musicbox. “He was one of the most responsible and creative employees – recognized “StarHit” Alabama Pomorska, chief editor of the channel. They with Sasha – we called them “Yak” and the scenario you prescribe, and gifts organized. With Sep was going to launch a new music project. Olezhka always been easy, fun. Last seen on may 25 on record. I had a birthday – the guys brought the cake, and approached the matter with humor. I love Justin Bieber, and often travel around the world for concerts, so Oleg hoisted on the cake our with the idol of edible figures. I laughed so hard. Yesterday, after learning that he was in the hospital, couldn’t sleep. And had a dream last night Oleg, a smiling flourishing. Was delighted, saying: “it is Good that you recovered!” In the morning I open my eyes and know that he is no more…”.