Kate Middleton and Prince William checked out the school that give heir

Кейт Миддлтон и принц Уильям проверили школу, в которую отдают наследника The Royal family visited one of the schools of London, which will soon start to go little George. Star parents are very sensitive to the upbringing of his son, wanting to give him all the best.

The other day Kate Middleton along with husband Prince William made a visit to the Thomas’s London Day School. In the company of his heir, three – year George – a couple visited a school for kids. The famous couple managed to meet with teachers, visit classrooms, and even interact with other children.

The Duchess approached the issue of education of the eldest child very seriously. She is convinced that George is already time to go to school, despite the fact that in July it will be four years. However, to begin training the toddler from nursery school where he can get the base for further development.

According to some reports, Kate and William were in good spirits, willing to communicate with teachers and other parents. Members of the Royal family asked questions and tried to learn about the institution as much as possible useful information. It is noteworthy that the celebrity had a short tour of the building to demonstrate the equipment of the rooms.

According to rumors, a quarter of study in such schools may cost several thousand pounds but you can get there is a dream of many. Prior to that, Middleton, in his speech at one of the events admitted that they do not know the exact tenets in the education of children. However, for their heirs, the young woman is really trying to make the best of everything.

It is worth noting that the Duchess of Cambridge is a very responsible mother. She told fans that struggling to cope with some problems because of the excitement. A young woman finds a baby in the family is not only joy and happiness, but also anxiety. According to her, after birth, begin to think not about himself but about the child.

Perhaps that is why Middleton arose post-partum depression. The Duchess revealed that were not even aware of the moral difficulties that accompany having a baby. But despite all problems, the young mom is happy to bring adorable babies.

“When it comes to motherhood, the only right decision — to try to take better care of your family. For many mothers, including me, it’s sometimes can lead to insecurity in themselves and their abilities. Unfortunately, in some cases, this stress is compounded by the incredible strain on the psyche that occurs after the birth of children,” said Kate.