The star of “the battle of psychics” Groin will choose the strongest mages in the new mystical show

Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Пахом выберет сильнейших магов в новом мистическом шоу Ex-member of the popular program will try yourself in new role. He will transmit “Supernatural selection”, which will show the secret power of Russia. Pahom believes that can share valuable experience with other mediums.
Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Пахом выберет сильнейших магов в новом мистическом шоу

Party 16th “battle of the psychics” Sergey Pakhomov, better known as the grandfather Pahom, try yourself in an unexpected role. Participant of “Battle of psychics”: “the Groin is not a living person. This hero of the 21st century”

“Soon the audience will see me on “TV-3” in the program “Supernatural selection”

Once the channel has made me an offer I immediately accepted it, – told “StarHit” Groin. Now he will select the strongest mages. In the “Battle” I’ve already got a powerful experience and will gladly share it with others. The meaning of the transfer is to show the audience the secret power of Russia!”

Groin after the “Battle of psychics” in films

Interestingly, the last Groin not predicted the future and acted in films, drew pictures and gave concerts. After a bright debut on the TV the man was not working, practiced meditation and Chinese breathing exercises.

“Cash I can afford, because you settle for less and there are modestly – says Sergey. My cost of living – 20 thousand rubles per month, and the books taken in library.”

By the way, earlier Groin took part in another show of a TV channel-3 “the invisible Man”. In anticipation chioce program actor and the fool got in a bad situation. The man said that the fraudsters were cashing in on his name.

“Now there are a lot of scoundrels that my name cheat people! Offered paid psychic services and trade pseudo-magical amulets in my name. This is all a treacherous lie. Any paid and free techniques, I am not, and no sites with services Pahom no. People, be vigilant!” – persuaded his Groin.