Vadim Kazachenko publicly appealed to the former spouse

Вадим Казаченко публично обратился к бывшей супруге Singer outraged by the behavior of women. Vadim Kazachenko says that all the issues will be solved only through court. According to the artist, if agencies recognize the little child born to Olga, his legitimate son, he will be ready to pay child support.
Вадим Казаченко публично обратился к бывшей супруге

Undergoing a few days ago a mild heart attack Vadim Kazachenko restores health. Beside him is the Director and wife Irina Amanti, who all supported the artist. The star of the ‘ 90s claims that is now experiencing not the best period, because often hears his name denigrated on television. Olga Martynova tells on TV about the lawsuits ex-wife and that he had not seen the child.

“Everything that happened, caused damage only to Irina and me more than anyone. And the fact that Ira next gives me incentive to live. And third, his ex-wife was never there – not when I was lying on the surgery, or at a funeral or other difficult moments”, – said the artist.

In your long post, posted on the page in a social network, Kozachenko explained that further development of the situation depends on court decisions. According to the artist, he is ready to communicate with ex-wife only at meetings. Kozachenko does not consider it necessary to try to convey to people its position through the telecast. In his post Vadim turned to Olga and condemned the ex-chosen for what it brings to the public the extra information.

Вадим Казаченко публично обратился к бывшей супруге“You’re a woman you can’t trust any secrets with whom you can’t share anything personal. Because at any moment something secret or personal secret may be known to all… You know how to say anything you want, and refer to the fact that it is “said the Kremlin”. And now Olga Dmitrievna said that she was ashamed of me? Why should I be ashamed? I gave you everything I could give and asked nothing in return. And what do I get now? Bases? Eternal hysteria on the phone? Groundless scandals? The recording of telephone conversations and their publication? The publication of my personal SMS for you? Your threats to my address, the persecution? Well I never gave you. What else do you need from me today? The contents and child support? I have a year and pay maintenance and child support, as each your way on TV with my name and surname decently paid. You made a dozen trips to the Federal channels, giving interviews to the clubs and spend time days and evenings on the set,” wrote Kozachenko.
Вадим Казаченко публично обратился к бывшей супруге

In an interview with Olga told me that Vadim requires it to refund those funds that he gave her for household expenses when they were in a relationship. Moreover, Kozachenko does not pay child support and avoids talking with her. The star of the 90s has clarified its position.

“Remember! I’m not looking to date with you. And you stop to look for excuses for them. My heart attacks – no reason! I don’t need your sympathy because you don’t have it. Love to you left. Enough to harass me. You got me,” said the artist.

According to the singer, Olga and her mother claim to his apartment. Earlier, ex-fiancee of the artist were told that they had to sell their homes and invest together with Vadim in the purchase of real estate outside the city.