The star of “the Bachelor,” have announced the birth of a daughter

Звезда «Холостяка» объявила о рождении дочки
Lesya Ryabtseva for the first time became a mother

Lesya Ryabtseva and Timofey Vasilyev

Photo: @gdekak Instagram

Lesya Ryabtseva, famous for his participation in the show “the Bachelor” for the first time became a mother. On the birth of her daughter, she reported using social networking. In her blog, she openly talked about the fact that the baby was born in Bali. Her husband, Timofey Vasilyev personally took delivery of the wife.

“You were with me all the time in pregnancy, and in battles, and delivery. You made yourself our baby. You become a support and protection for her. I’m grateful to you,” wrote Les. A newborn girl was given the unusual name of Daya.

Shortly before the birth Ryabtseva husband and flew away to live to the ocean. To settle on Bali — that was her dream. “I really didn’t think that my whim to go and spend some time by the ocean can become a reality. Only by your belief in me, we were here and our baby didn’t come the way we wanted it. I forget sometimes, and sometimes capricious and pretend to forget, but a lot of my life just because of you. Thank you, you are my most important gifts,” said her husband Ryabtseva.