Экс-солист группы «Динамит» Илья Зудин пропал в Муроме The spouse eks-the soloist of group “Dynamite” Maria Zudin said that her husband went missing during a trip to Murom. In the city the singer was scheduled concert, but soon he stopped communicating with loved ones. The fate of Ilya Zudin is still unknown.
Экс-солист группы «Динамит» Илья Зудин пропал в Муроме

About 20 hours, the singer does not communicate with the family – this was reported by his spouse. According to Mary Suginoi, my husband went to Murom to the concert, one of the organizers of which was. However, when they reached the place, he soon stopped answering the calls.

Maria turned to law enforcement.

“Still not found. Hooked up the police and told to wait until morning. There he, along with Valery Sutkin was,” – said Maria “StarHit”.
Экс-солист группы «Динамит» Илья Зудин пропал в Муроме

At the moment about the fate of Ilya Zudin unknown. His wife also wrote a post on the social network, appealing to anyone who may have seen the artist in Murom.

“Went to the city of Moore and disappeared! We are all terribly worried! Maybe someone saw him in Moore and talked with him today, give some information. To the organizers I can not get out. All the information received has not yet produced results,” — said Zudina.

Concerned fans began to write in the instagram account of the singer on searching for him. A little later, Zudin made contact and wrote in the comments: “All right.” Zudina wife confirmed that her husband found, however, he refused to comment on why he was lost, and not been in touch.

We will remind, Ilya and Maria Budinich grow two children: son Matthew and daughter Sofia. Zudin was recognized in his time: he forbade his wife to build a singing career, he was a pleasure to see Mary at home with the children, rather than acting on the stage.