Звезда 90-х Шинед О’Коннор в очередной раз хочет свести счеты с жизнью The actress has recorded a heartbreaking video. In it, Sinead O’connor said that struggling with a mental disorder. She complained to fans that nobody supports and said that I thought about suicide.
Звезда 90-х Шинед О’Коннор в очередной раз хочет свести счеты с жизнью

The star of the ‘ 90s Sinead O’connor has alarmed fans with his video message. On the page in “Facebook” published a recording that you made sitting in a hotel room. The actress complained that now all alone and the only person who listens to her is a psychoanalyst.

“I’m alone in my life no one but my doctor, sweetest person on Earth. He says I’m the hero, and the only thing that keeps me alive. Mental illness that I encountered the same problem, just like drugs. I fight with this every day battle of millions of people. Only for them I live, so I went straight to his mother. The people who were supposed to care about me, treat me like crap. They point the finger: “see, See!” it’s like a witch hunt. If I did not, no one would have been the case that I committed suicide,” said the actress, holding back tears.
Звезда 90-х Шинед О’Коннор в очередной раз хочет свести счеты с жизнью

Sinead believes that her solitude is the result of a mental disorder. Singer calls it a punishment. According to her, she asked the family to be around her, but they refused. Now Irish actress is in the us state of new Jersey and thinks about how to return to his native country.

Many fans were concerned with desperate statements O’connor. They tried to calm her down and assure them that things will get better soon. Fans hope she can find peace of mind in music. However, not everyone was so loyal to the complaints of the singer. Some believed that her life was not so tragic – she is able to work and permanent employment will be able to distract her from sad thoughts. There were even those who shamed celebrity and was advised to think about those who live much worse than her.

Звезда 90-х Шинед О’Коннор в очередной раз хочет свести счеты с жизнью“I know I’m just one of the millions of people in the world suffering the same as I, but who have no such resources that I have. (…) Mental illness is like a drug, they don’t care who you are,” commented the woman.

Some also saw this publication as another eccentric stunt actress to attract attention to his person. Now she’s 50, but even at 26 she was talking about how he feels broken and even made an attempt to settle scores with life. Then, rumors spread that there is a mental disorder.

However, some time later, Sinead returns to work, but her work does not have obvious success. She periodically said that leaves the big stage, but came back again. 13 years ago, the singer talked about how she’s tired of being famous and the attention of fans its just tiring. To realize the creative potential it had intended in the Church choir, as was planning to teach religion in elementary school. O’connor even said that would be glad if members will invite her to speak at their celebration. She refused to sing at the wedding because, according to her own statement, does not like weddings. However, this did not prevent her to get married four times.