Stars of the Bolshoi theatre Ovcharenko and Tikhomirov became parents

Звезды Большого театра Овчаренко и Тихомирова стали родителями The couple had a daughter. Artem Ovcharenko and Anna Tikhomirova shared the happy event with fans. Fans wished the newborn girl health. They believe that the couple can give the child a good upbringing.

The leading soloists of the Bolshoi theatre Artem Ovcharenko and Anna Tikhomirova were first time parents. In their family a daughter. While the pair did not disclose the secret, how they named the baby. The happy father hastened to share good news with their fans in the microblog.

“My Witch,’ said the artist to his wife. – I am the happiest man, husband and now dad! Love you even more.Never imagined possible. New awareness and understanding has come.

Thanks for the daughter, she the best from us. It is our life and the love that we are able to give. To go with you in step, holding hands in difficult moments and moments of happiness, to feel each other and know this is a large, fillings such vivid, emotional events of the world. Our “we” became more. With a great sense of gratitude, I will try to do everything to make you fly on wings, sang and danced with delight. You to live as unconscious, unconscious of happiness,” wrote the man.

Followers were quick to congratulate the couple on such an important event in their lives. They wished mother and baby health. “Congratulations, a great happiness came into your life. I wish my daughter was growing and please you, so you taught her to know this wonderful world, and she taught you even more to enjoy life”, “Here is the news surprising and delightful! Ballet ballet, and family and kids especially – clever Anya! Well done guys! Happiness, health, early recovery and the joy of worries, troubles, feelings and adding the love!”, “It’s perfect! I like that many dancers make families and children, because the Soviet ballerinas were not ready. I got to bet that not more than three months, she will return to the theater and ask all the heat,” he wrote to fans.

At the end of August last year, Anna and Tom were married. They celebrated the holiday in a luxury cottage. Stars of the Bolshoi theatre party for the closest friends and relatives. Altar girl in a gorgeous wedding dress, took the father.

Lovers have told that Artem made an offer hands and hearts beloved almost immediately after they started Dating. However, the pair did not rush things and got married when got their own housing.