The star of “Teacher” will become a father for the second time

Звезда «Физрука» станет отцом во второй раз
Spouse Eugene Kulakov is the ninth month of pregnancy.

Звезда «Физрука» станет отцом во второй раз

Yevgeny Kulakov and his wife Olga and son Ilya

Photo: Sergey Milan

Very soon in the family of the stars of “Teacher” Eugene
Kulakov and his wife Olga Vasilyeva-Bujor happens happy event
actors will again become parents. This was told by the kulaks, published in
Network a photo of his pregnant wife. Now Olga is on the ninth
month. “‘re working up an appetite, and soon the addition. Life is beautiful!” — briefly
signed by the artist. Friends and colleagues of the pair are incredibly excited for Eugene and

In the star family have growing up 13-year-old
Ilya. The boy has the features of the development, a few years ago the child
was diagnosed with autism. Actors do not hide the son’s condition and hope that
the mainstreaming of special children to help other families raising
of children with autism.

“We’re never shy about this topic, and
always wanted to tell you that we have a son with disabilities, told
Olga. But somehow, journalists have always tried not to touch this topic,
referring to “not format”. And it seemed to me so natural to talk about
that we have a wonderful son Elijah that he was special, that we work and hope for
good results. We hope that now the background activity of the Fund
“The naked heart”, this issue will cease to be a taboo that people
will openly talking about it, and journalists will be interested in. First, there was no question about
autism. We have two diagnosis. When the doctor said that we have cerebral palsy, he is very cruel
showed me how it would look painted… I walk with courage is
accepted and agreed: well, not Ilya football player as we wanted to be
musician. The doctors said: “He is ahead of peers in development, it’s incredibly
talented, clever children we had never seen.” Then
when it became clear that our son with autism, they began to advise me
“think about yourself”. Of course, this could not be considered.
Autism is not a disease. This state, with
that need to work in order to be able to live independently,
starting a family: it’s real!”

Olga Vasilyeva-Bujor