Julia became the new host of the program “Wait for me”

Юлия Высоцкая стала новой ведущей программы «Жди меня»
The actress will work on a popular project along with Sergey Sakurovas.

Julia Vysotskaya

Photo: Sergei Bermeniev

NTV announced that the legendary project “Wait for me” will soon appear in
the air, decided on leading the program. They were
Julia Vysotsky, Sergey Shakurov and founder of rescue organization “Lisa
Alerts” Grigori Sergeyev.

“It’s hard
could imagine two years ago that such a project as “Wait for me” may
appearing on NTV. To date, however, “Wait for me” blends harmoniously
in the new content policy of the channel. This is a project with a long history, incorporated
a huge amount of good, and we are proud that he will be on the air
channel, adding a range of socially oriented projects,” says
General producer of NTV Timur Weinstein.

I wonder
“Wait for me” will appear on NTV in the updated version. General producer
broadcaster VIEW Alexander Lyubimov announced that for the first time viewers will see how
actually we are searching. “In direct contact with the Studio will be working
every day search the center — said Lyubimov. The third presenter,
Grigory Sergeyev, will tell you about how things are”.

the leading three were discussed earlier. However, one of them was called Xenia
Alferov, who led the program on the First channel. But unfortunately fans
actress, NTV Xenia will not appear. The incident Alferov does not
comment. However, it has something to do. She was barely able to find time in the dense
touring and filming schedule, to relax a little bit in Greece.