The star of “Teacher” will become a father again

Звезда «Физрука» вновь станет отцом Wife of Eugene Kulakov is expecting a child. For the actor and his wife this will be second baby. The couple has a 13-year-old son, who was diagnosed with autism. The artist struggles to Ilya was engaged in a regular school.
Звезда «Физрука» вновь станет отцом

Actor Yevgeny Kulakov, known to viewers of the TV series “the Teacher” and “Trail”, and very soon will again become a dad – his wife Olga was about to give her husband another child. The woman is on the ninth month of pregnancy. The couple, together since 2004, the couple have a teenage 13-year-old son Ilya. The boy was diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy.

“All our forces are now thrown on preparation for the appearance of a new man, – says Eugene “StarHit”. – As well as to combat the problems associated with Ilya. Every time I go to his school, I’m ready to cry because there is so sad… No, I’m not saying that school bad teachers, just neither they nor the school as a whole is not prepared to study children and are not aware of the modern approaches in dealing with special children”.

The movie star was disappointed that his son can’t get a decent education, and the management of the institution is not engaged in development of special methods. He fists knows what is required to make a child feel comfortable in school.

“There is a wonderful technique to interact with children with autism, called “Applied behavior analysis ABA”. It is very effective, I’ve explored and I loved it. On the structure, it is clear how the developing child, what is he doing, do I need to complement the education programme. According to this method, a child is involved several professionals working with behavioral disorders, academic skills, self-help skills. None of this, alas, in mainstream schools there,” said the actor.

However, Eugene does not hide – there are centers that can deal with “special” children. Man outraged that the prices in such institutions is very high. According to him, not everyone can afford to pay a large sum of money per month. The actor does not understand why such technique is not familiar to teachers in ordinary schools.

“Moscow is now opened centers in which experts trained in this method. All anything, but there is one problem – the price of classes at similar organizations. Recently he sent us a price list for the services of one of these centers – my wife was horrified… For an hour or 2500 and that’s with a minimal need twenty lessons per week. It turns out 200 thousand per month – who will pull such expenses? Olya and in shock… And so you want assistance, though, of course, the favorite and accustomed itself to deal with Ilya, thanks to her efforts, for 12 years, he learned to walk independently to the toilet, for us this is great progress,” admitted the kulaks.