Five secrets Jasmine: revelations of the singer on jealousy, fear and resentment

Пять секретов Жасмин: откровения певицы о ревности, страхах и обидах On the eve of the anniversary, the actress told “StarHit” what is always concealed from the public. Jasmine still can’t forgive dad, arguing with friends because of the hamsters and sometimes a cheating husband.
Пять секретов Жасмин: откровения певицы о ревности, страхах и обидах

A celebrity is simply obliged to write the book “Catch all”, since, apparently, for her, nothing is impossible. Despite the fact that Jasmine has three children, this does not prevent her to be one of the most popular singers on our stage. 12 Oct star in the company of her husband Ilan Shor and children – 20-year-old Michael, 5-year-old Margaret and Myron, who on 25 October will celebrate a half, – will celebrate a birthday. In anticipation of the holiday, the singer revealed to the readers of “StarHit” something that has always been under a veil of secrecy.

The deception

Пять секретов Жасмин: откровения певицы о ревности, страхах и обидах

“In the first months of a third pregnancy I was sure I was having a boy. And ultrasound confirmed my feelings. Ilan dreamed of the heir, but I wanted to see how he’d react if it was a girl. Said the “good news”, saying that waiting for another Princess. He got a little upset, but stood stoically. And so in full confidence that there will be a daughter, my husband lived just three months longer I can handle are unable. Oh, how he laughed!

But that’s not the only time I was able to trace her husband around her finger. A few years ago for father’s Day we wanted to surprise him – to fly from Moscow to Chisinau with the whole family with children and cake. It would seem, what could be easier? But not in this case… the fact that between me, Ilan and Misha wound up every half hour to report to each other who is where – so we relaxed. Considerable I had to convince the beloved that I’m home, while we raced to the airport… But in the end everything was a success!”

About fears

“I’m allergic to some sea creatures: mollusks, plankton and jellyfish, says Jasmine. – When I swim, always cautiously look around, there are no nearby some animals. Also my body is a staunch opponent of lilies from them I begin to cough and sneeze. Relatives and friends are aware, so to create a bouquet for me on any occasion always exclude these strong-smelling flowers. Have never admitted that I’m afraid of animals. Apparently this fear has come from their childhood, when I was being chased by a huge dog. I managed to escape, but a feeling of alarm at the sight of those usually called the follower, since then I never left. How many times have tried to deal with this feature…

Пять секретов Жасмин: откровения певицы о ревности, страхах и обидахI remember my girlfriend had a pet hamster, she used to tell me, what is he soft and fluffy. It seemed to me that if I hold and stroke a pet friend, my fear will pass. Swore to the girlfriend that’d be careful and gentle, but when she gave the hamster out of his hands in mine, I involuntarily opened the palm, and…the poor animal fell to the floor.

With him, fortunately, all was OK, he survived, but the girlfriend long sulked at me for this situation. Yes, and his panic at the sight of the quadruped, I have not managed to overcome”.


Пять секретов Жасмин: откровения певицы о ревности, страхах и обидах

“One time when I was very young, the parents worked at the boarding school. Dad taught the children choreography, and my mother was a librarian. Really loved kids, I knew it and was crazy jealous. Didn’t like someone to share my dear, I didn’t want to go to this work, and always when I had the opportunity, I asked her to take me with him. So it was a bit calmer. Another childhood memory: going to school, I realized that dad didn’t want me to have dancing. It is, of course, taught the basics, but not as active as other children.

I realized that he never gives me great hope… And I understand this was disappointing and it seemed that he just didn’t believe in me, and in fact I have hoo what a potential! But most of all, of course, imprinted in memory as the dad in six years, cut my hair bald – still don’t understand why he did it.”


“At school I was a queer. With my friends we put a class teacher of a button on the chair, put the flour. I also had a talent for copying handwriting, and at the request of friends I sometimes corrected their evaluation in a journal or finishing a new one, as you know, fives. Another school was memorable to me that in 11th grade I was in love with a boy. Approaching graduation, and I wanted to look stunning, because he had to see me and fall from my beauty! So when I learned that my aunt bought a gorgeous red dress, set out to elicit it from her. Fortunately, a relative came towards me and ground the ball I was just gorgeous!”