The star of “Teacher” opened his own fitness club

Звезда «Физрука» открыла собственный фитнес-клуб
The actress told how to maintain the form, with the sport in just 15 minutes a day.

Polina Former Grentz

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Actress Polina former Grentz first by sharply recovered to play a bit of crumpet Sasha Mamaev in the TV series “Fizruk”. The girl had too much ice cream, and quickly gained the necessary weight.

But seeing myself on the screen, Pauline realized that it looks horrible and went on a diet based on chicken breast — boiled, steamed or stewed, but in any case not fried. Refused from sweet and starchy foods, sugar, and desserts replaced with fruit. But this was not enough, and the actress actively engaged in sports.

“Sitting on a diet, you must do at least the basic elements of: squats,
exercises with a barbell for the press should be cardio, says the star of “Teacher”. For me
perfect to run, to go for long walks in the city or ride
Cycling in the Park”. The actress is three months went to the gym and worked with a trainer. When I saw that it is quite
expensive, Finance, decided to train herself.

“I can say, opened his own fitness club house, smiles Polina. — I have a game console and a special device,
which completely renders my movements and allows you to control the body,
as the joystick. And the disk busy with a fitness program. Repeating
movement of the trainer on the screen, I can choose any workout and
to involve almost all the muscles. And the computer evaluates whether all I’m doing
correctly. May require: “Feet up!” or “Hold back”. 15 minutes
workout and I you can squeeze. But the effect is said
there is. As thin as it is now, I never was. Not to say that
I used to be too thick, but was always chubby. And now I
weigh 52 kilograms. Last time my weight was years at 12-13″.

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