Alena Babenko noted a wooden wedding

Алена Бабенко отметила деревянную свадьбу
In a second marriage with Eduard Suboch actress lived for five years.

Alena Babenko with her husband Eduard Suboch

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Actually the relationship of Alena Babenko and her second husband
Eduard Suboch began much earlier, however they first appeared on one
from festivals back in 2010. But for a long time the actress has represented his
the elect as just another, although all already knew that this pair of tightly linked
and “doomed” to happiness.

The fact is that, unlike the actress, who after her divorce
with her first husband Vitaliy Babenko has long been free, Subach had a family. Before meeting with an actress he was the father, his son was born. But, having met
Babenko, Edward could not resist the beauty and charm of the actress. They with Alena long to announce their
relations open until they were settled all the formalities with the former marriage of the Subach.

However, the woman seems to be acceptable to such uncertainty and
the mystery of her status even when she got remarried. Each of their appearance at social events and at star lanes is an event, which the actress and her husband still indulge not too often, just few times a year. Together they always draw attention to themselves, which recognizes the fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev, who considers Allen and Edward
one of the most stylish couples in our country.

The Subach is a former professional athlete, has the title
master of sports. Now as an Advisor to the President of Federation of jumps on
the ski jumping and Nordic combined of Russia on the issues of children’s sports, he trains future
the Olympic Champions. Hailing Edward as his wife, from Siberia. Husband and wife love
active, they find themselves extreme entertainment, how to
exotic resorts and the snowy mountains.

By the way, a few months ago Alena Babenko first became
grandmother. Her son Nikita (from his first marriage) married — and last year they
his wife had a new addition.

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